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Will The Truth Out Someone On This Week's Twisted?

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


08/12/2013 2:21 pm
Will The Truth Out Someone On This Week's Twisted?


Nicole MacDowell

Staff Writer

Danny and Lacey are sitting at the police station after Karen confesses to killing Regina. Danny confesses to Lacey that he’s confused as to why his mother would both confess to murder and why she chose to do it now, even if it was really her. Lacey tells him that no matter what happens she’ll support him and that she’s not sure if Karen did or didn’t kill Regina.

Inside the interrogation room, Chief Masterson questions Karen about her confession. She tells him that she saw Regina wearing the necklace when she went in for a meeting with the principal. She decided to question Regina about it and when she did, she found out that Vikram had given it to her. She also says that Regina told her that she and Vikram were in love and that drove her to sneak into the house after the party and kill Regina. The Chief questions her about what weapon she used and how she did it without getting her fingerprints all over everything in the house. Karen tells him that she can’t remember because she was in shock before demanding to speak to Danny.

Out in the hallway, Jo has joined Danny and Lacey when her father comes out to bring Danny into the room. He tells Jo and Lacey that an officer will drive them home and they both insist on staying. After Chief Masterson leaves, Jo and Lacey talk about what’s happening with the weekend because Lacey’s dad is flying in from Seattle to attend Lacey’s sister, Clara’s, birthday party.

Over in the interrogation room, Karen tells Danny that he needs to stop worrying about everything. Danny asks her why she did it and she tells him that she “had her reasons.” Karen never actually elaborates on her reasons but Danny suspects that she’s just doing it to draw attention away from him.

In his office, Chief Masterson and Eddie talk about Karen and why she is only choosing to confess now. Eddie tells him that they should just charge her for murder because she has the one thing that Danny didn’t have: a motive. Chief Masterson says that they will keep her the 48 hours before calling the District Attorney (D.A).

Danny leaves his mother and goes out to the hallway where Chief Masterson tells him that they will be keeping his mother for 48 hours to determine if she really did kill Regina. He tells Danny that he can stay with them until they decide what to do with Karen.

At the Desai house, Danny and Lacey are packing up clothing and other belongings. Danny mentions telling Jo about their relationship again and Lacey tells him that it’s still better if she doesn’t know. Lacey suggests that they tell Chief Masterson everything they know about the cash, the note and the apartment.

At the Masterson house soon after, the three teens tell Chief Masterson everything they know and he gets mad at them for withholding important information from him. He reminds them all the Danny’s stay is temporary and Jo asks about what happens if his mother is formally charged. Chief Masterson tells them that if his mother were formally charged he has to move in with his next-of-kin which would be his grandmother in Arizona. Tess enters the room and breaks the tension by asking Danny to help her set up an air mattress for him in the living room.

The next day, Danny returns to see his mother. He tells her that he and Lacey are more than friends and starts to tell her about the note and the apartment but Chief Masterson comes in and Danny is forced to leave. Chief Masterson shows Karen the note and the cash and tells her about the Connecticut apartment in Vikram’s name. She claims that she knows nothing about any of those things and Chief Masterson leaves.

At the diner, Jo tells Rico that the last thing she wants is for Danny to move to Arizona because his mom killed Regina. Rico confesses to her that he’s the witness who saw Karen dispose of the necklace and that he’s the one who told Chief Masterson. Jo gets upset but forgives him as long as he promises to stop keeping secrets.

Lacey returns home to find her dad sitting in her living room. They talk and try to remain civil but they all end up yelling at each other and fighting.

At the police station, Chief Masterson tells Eddie to travel to Bristol, Connecticut and investigate the apartment. He is told to gather any evidence at all that might help with Karen before he calls the D.A.

At the fort, the three teens are talking when Danny decides to take a walk alone to clear his head. The girls are left alone and Jo offers to attend Clara’s party to try and neutralize the tension because Lacey’s dad likes her, and for moral support. Lacey agrees and the two leave.

The next morning, Danny tells Chief Masterson that his mother couldn’t have gotten the necklace from Regina because he had the necklace. Chief Masterson and Danny go to the diner and Danny tells him that the only reason he had the necklace was because someone had planted it in his locker the day after. Chief Masterson believes that Danny is telling the truth and tells Danny that if they can prove that his mother was home the night of the murder they can clear her name. Danny says that she likes shopping online so they decide to go through her computer for an alibi.

Back at the station, Tess visits Karen and Tess insists that Danny really does love her. We cut to a flashback from six years ago where Tess and Karen are sitting in the kitchen of the Desai house talking. Young Danny comes in and tells Tess about a model rocket that he and Vikram had built for a local competition. After thinking that Danny had left, Karen tells Tess that she wishes she had a daughter instead because it would be easier to parent a girl. Danny overhears this and gets upset before running off. We cut back to the present and Tess leaves to go find food for Karen, leaving her to her thoughts.

Across town, Jo arrives at Lacey’s house for Clara’s party. They confront Lacey’s parents and an argument starts to form but Jo immediately breaks it up by bringing up happy memories from when they were kids. Lacey is impressed by her ability to avert disaster and the two walk off.

Back at the Desai house, Danny and Chief Masterson begin to go through all of Karen’s Internet history and they find nothing that matches the time frame when Regina was killed. They decide to check her trash and find sexually explicit pictures of Principal Tang. EWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

At the party, Lacey asks Jo to get some napkins out of the pantry. When Jo opens the door, she finds Lacey’s dad and Clara’s gymnastics coach inside, mouths glued to each other. She immediately walks away, slightly disturbed by what she saw. Awkward.

After walking away, Jo is pacing in Lacey’s kitchen when her dad walks in. She confronts him and asks if anybody else knows. He says that it’s his private life and that she can’t tell anybody, not even Lacey. Jo agrees and moves to leave, but stops and tells him that he should tell Lacey because Lacey blames herself for the divorce.

At the Desai’s, Danny and Chief Masterson discuss what they just saw and Danny tells him that he had no idea that anything like this was happening between his mother and Principal Tang. This does, however, give him an idea.

Back at the station, Karen has another flashback. It’s the same day as the last one; only this one shows Karen confronting Danny about what he heard. She apologizes for saying those things and that she loves him. Danny looks at her and tells her that she never really wanted him and that she only cared for her parties and for herself. She calls him an ungrateful brat and storms off.

In the present, Danny meets up with Principal Tang at school and confronts him about the pictures that he found on his mothers’ laptop. He tries to convince Principal Tang to go to the police and tell them that he was with Karen the night Regina was killed so she can be cleared of the murder charge, but he refuses.

Back at the party, Lacey walks over to Jo and tells Jo that she worked some serious magic because her parents are getting along better than they ever have. Lacey begins to tell Jo about her and Danny when Jo tells her that her dad is gay and that she saw him kissing Clara’s coach. Lacey leaves, shocked about what she just heard.

At the school, Rico finds Danny in the hallway and tries to lighten the mood by making a joke about Arizona being exciting because of the cacti. Danny tells Rico that he knows how the police found out about his mother and he forgives him. The two of them talk about Jo, and Danny swears that he’ll never tell Jo about what Rico said while drunk.

At Lacey’s house, Lacey is preparing the birthday cake when she asks her dad about being gay. He tells her that Jo must be lying and Lacey tells him that Jo would never lie to her about something like that. Her mother walks in and Lacey forces them to go off and talk before she goes back into the yard with the cake.

At the police station, Eddie returns and tells Chief Masterson that the bank account associated with the apartment was a business account for a company called Marna, INC. He also tells him that two days before Regina was murdered, $2000 was withdrawn from the account, which is also the same amount of money that was mailed to Regina.

Danny arrives in Karen’s jail cell and tells her that he knows everything about the apartment and that she was having an affair with Principal Tang. He tries once more to get her to revoke her confession and breaks down emotionally, telling her that she can’t leave him because he needs her and he loves her. The two hug, crying because if she’s charged they may never see each other again.

The next morning, Karen retracts her confession and is released. Chief Masterson tells Danny that he’s in the clear for now but he better start telling the truth, starting with telling Lacey and Jo how his mother ended up with the necklace. Danny tells him that he will and also admits that when he got out of juvy he was terrified to move back to Green Grove, but now he’d do anything to stay because of Jo and Lacey.

Back at the party, Jo and Lacey talk about what happened with Lacey’s dad and Lacey thanks Jo for exposing the truth. She says that maybe now she can see her dad more than twice a year now that he’s not hiding any secrets. They both get a text from Danny saying that he needs to meet them immediately so they run off to meet him.

At the station, Chief Masterson searches for information on Marna, INC. and thinks he’s reached a dead end when he notices the logo. He zooms in on the logo and it’s the exact same design as the necklace.

Tess returns Karen home and offers to make tea and Karen jokes and says she’d rather have vodka. Flashback to six years ago, same date as before. Karen is drinking vodka when Vikram returns home. They talk about what happened with Danny before Vikram tells Karen that he’s going into Connecticut for a few days. She tells him that she knows that if anybody asks, he’s in Manhattan on a business trip. Well, looks like she lied to the police about knowing the apartment.

On the shore of the lake in McNally Park, Danny confesses to Jo and Lacey that he had the necklace because it was planted in his locker. Lacey is furious and breaks up with him before storming away, Jo close behind her. He tries to talk them into staying but they just leave.

At the diner, Rico is studying when he receives an email with an attachment as the only substance. He opens the attachment and finds the video of Danny and Lacey having sex that we saw being filmed in the last episode by one of the masked pranksters. He shuts the laptop and stares into space, really unsure of what’s happening.

With only TWO episodes left until the finale, things are getting crazier and we aren’t any closer to finding out who the hell killed Regina. Looks like things are getting interested for us, fellow Socios.


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