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Television PopWrapped | Television

Biggest Questions Going Into Wynonna Earp Season 2

Allison Schonter | PopWrapped Author

Allison Schonter

05/16/2017 10:16 am
PopWrapped | Television
Biggest Questions Going Into Wynonna Earp Season 2  | Wynonna Earp
Media Courtesy of Syfy

The world of revenants and gun slinging badass females has been gone for far too long, but Wynonna Earp is about to save us all from the dry spell when season 2 premieres on June 9. To hold you over until then, and to help fill the void that has been created in the show’s absence, we’ve created a list of the most burning questions we have going into the second season. So grab a bottle of whiskey (maybe just stick to water) and kick back.

Waverly in a cheerleading outfit?

I repeat, Waverly in a cheerleading outfit. Yes, it is time to have a heart attack because this is not a lie. Waverly Earp will be in a cheerleading uniform, complete with pompoms. Why? We don’t know, but we’re excited to find out and we’re definitely hoping that it’s not a one-time occurrence.

What quips can we expect to hear this season?

There are a lot of amazingly good things about Wynonna Earp that we will forever be thankful for, and among them are the constant quips and witty remarks. All of the characters have them, and it makes them that much more lovable (because yes, you can love them even more than you already do).

How will Wynonna deal with the death of Willa?

Willa wasn’t a particularly good person, and she was more than willing to kill Wynonna, but killing a sister that you thought had been dead only to find out is alive can’t be easy. So how will it affect her? And how will it affect the dynamic between Wynonna and Waverly?

What’s going on with the Black Badge Division?

When season 1 ended, Dolls was in the back of a truck detained by his own division. Where are they taking Dolls and what are they going to do to him? We honestly have no idea, but we’re hoping that he gets out soon because we all need more Dolls in our life.

What happens in Bobo’s absence? 

Season 1 bid farewell to Bobo Del Ray. He had been the bad guy of the season, continuously menacing the Earps. In fact, he had been menacing them ever since they were children. Who will be the new big bad?  And what does his death mean for the other revenants – he was their leader, after all.


That is all. Simply: Waverly?! What is going on with Waverly? Season 1 left fans staring at their screens with their jaws dropped after Waverly was seemingly possessed. It was hinted that Waverly may not be an Earp at all, but does that mean that she’s something else?

On a similar note, who was shot? Who shot who? Was anyone actually shot and injured?

Yeah, that final scene left us with a ton of questions and my hands are still gripping the edge of my seat, because really?! That was one hell of a cliffhanger.

Will Emily Andras, the mother of unicorns and all things good, finally accept that she has a loyal gang of followers that call themselves Team Fandras?

We certainly do hope so.

Wynonna Earp season 2 premieres June 9 on Syfy.


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