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Gaming PopWrapped | Gaming

Xbox One: A New State Of Play

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/24/2013 10:09 pm
PopWrapped | Gaming
Xbox One: A New State Of Play

Erica Wong-Den

Staff Writer

If you’re part of the overwhelming majority of people that are confused about almost everything to do with the Xbox One then you’re probably not aware of the stages that our games will now undergo while we game and multitask on Microsoft’s next-gen console.

Instead of pausing and saving games, Microsoft has decided that gaming should take a more real-time approach in terms of usability and flexibility. According to development information released by Microsoft and points addressed on May 21st during the One reveal, there are five stages to games in the console:

1)     Running: The game is loaded in memory and is fully active. The game can access anything in the system and is playing full-screen, fully responsive to the user. 5 GB of memory are assigned to the game as well as six CPU cores and 90% of the GPU processing power.

2)     Constrained: The game is still in memory and running, but it has been granted less priority to system resources. The game is not full-screen, and not responsive to the user. System resources are at 4 CPUs, 5 GB of memory, and 45% of GPU power.

3)     Suspended: The game is still in memory but not running, and the console has stopped placing priority on game processes. No CPU/GPU access, but still has 5 GB of memory assigned.

4)     Not Running: The game is no longer loaded in memory, is not running, and there is no real-time recollection of a current game session in the system. Games are considered Not Running when:

a.     The game has not been run since console activation.

b.     The game crashed during last period of play.

c.     The game glitched and did not suspend properly, forcing the system to exit the game process.

5)     Terminated: Identical to Not Running, however the game successfully suspended and then terminated the game processes per user instruction. Game can be loaded from last save point and played as normal.

As someone who is terrifically busy almost all the time, I have to say that these new features are an excellent addition to what I feel is an excellent console. Stay tuned for more on the Xbox One, here on PopWrapped!


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