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Xbox One: The Ultimate Console


Erica Wong-Den

Staff Writer

Today was the final reveal of the long awaited next generation console from Microsoft. Named the Xbox One, Microsoft has introduced a console that will be “at the center of our living room for the next decade” due to its impressive multitasking capabilities. In its attempt to cater to everyone, the Xbox One will offer cable service integration, immediate user recognition, complete music and movie library integration, all powered blazingly fast thanks to an impressive hardware setup. Sony will be hard pressed to top what looks like the closest anyone has come to a universal console; and with the short (but pleasing!) clips of gameplay, we’re in for not only an efficient machine, but a powerful one.

An intriguing new concept at hand is the revamped voice control system. According to Microsoft, one will be able to switch from gaming to watching a television program in the amount of time it takes to change a channel—which, as current Xbox owners know will be a welcome sigh of relief from the laggy process it is to switch from a game to anything on the 360. Added to this is the announcement of cable television integration (which, although Microsoft remained mum on who the providers will be, I have sources from within that say it’ll be Comcast right off the bat) which completely revolutionizes the gaming console industry. You’ll even be able to say “Show me what’s on Channel X” and be taken to the listings, which is incredible when it comes to switching between entertainment forms seamlessly.

Something else to celebrate about: faster startup! Instead of turning on the Xbox manually and having to wade through software updates, load screens, and over all startup time, now one will be able to say “Xbox on,” and have full control of the system. Xbox logins will be a thing of the past as once you speak to the Xbox One it is supposed to recognize the user immediately and take them to their own personalized dashboard. Software updates will take place in the background instead of interrupting you before you can do anything, which is a BIG plus in my book.

Oh, and look out Sony! The Xbox One has BLU-RAY! That’s right, with that announcement Microsoft has marched right up to Sony with a big “Ha!” With the integration of Blu-ray, there will be no more awkward split down our movie/show collections—we can now stick to the latest and greatest and move on with our lives (thank you, whatever higher powers exist!). I’ll be the first to say that as a hardcore Xbox fan, this was the one thing Sony/PlayStation fans always had on me, but no more!

Internally, the memory has been increased to 8 GB and now our games and video clips will be instantly uploaded to the cloud, which is excellent. The Kinect was also vastly improved, with much better sight and voice recognition which (although hardcore gamers could care less) will mean an even better experience for the casual dance/exercise game fan.

There you have it, I’m so PUMPED! Let me know if you agree here on PopWrapped!


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