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Arrowverse Recaps: Legends Of Tomorrow 3x18, The Flash 4x17, Arrow 6x18

V Donovan | PopWrapped Author

V Donovan

04/12/2018 11:45 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Arrowverse Recaps: Legends Of Tomorrow 3x18, The Flash 4x17, Arrow 6x18 | Arrowverse recaps
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Last episode recaps: Legends, Arrow / Flash

This week, The Flash finally returns from hiatus, but it's the season finale for Legends Of Tomorrow. These two shows, along with Arrow, deliver solid episodes this week. Here's what happened:

Legends Of Tomorrow 3x18 "The Good, The Bad, And The Cuddly"

This is it, folks, the season finale. I have thoroughly enjoyed this season of Legends, so I am sad to see this go. But we went out with a bang. The episode starts right where we left off last week, with Mallus in his true ugly form and attacking them. As the Legends are wondering what to do, Rip decides to take one for the team and use the Waverider's energy to basically suck Mallus into another dimension, but in doing so, sacrificing himself (is this the last we'll ever see of Rip? I hope not!). The Legends are saddened and shocked, and even Sara is out of motivation. But eventually they come up with a plan: to hide from Mallus, they go back to the temporal blindspot, the Wild West. They run into old pal Jonah Hex at the saloon, but their catchup is interrupted by Blackbeard the pirate, Viking Leif Erikkson's sister, and Julius Ceasar, who have come on behalf of Mallus to demand the totems. They give them a day to do so, or the three armies will come together to destroy the town. 

Meanwhile, Ray is up to some shenanigans on the Waverider. Though Sara gave him specific instructions to not make silly choices, he decides to free Damien Darhk from his cell and take him on the jumpship back in time with a plan to stop Mallus and save Nora. At this point, I'm screaming "RAYMOND, NO!" but at the same time, Ray may be a dork, but he's not dumb. He's not Nate. So his plan, whatever it may be, could work. And speaking of Nate, he catches Ray and Damien on their way out, and Ray has to punch out Nate so they can leave. Nate then goes to complain about it to Amaya (instead of, like, calling Sara or doing something about it), but Amaya has taken the drug to go to her spirit ancestral realm, and Nate decides to join her. Amaya's goal is to get her totem-bearing ancestors to tell her how to use the totems to stop Mallus, and they do, as she and Nate witness the ancestors all standing in a circle holding hands with their totems emitting lights. Amaya now knows that they have to use the totems together. As for Ray, he and Damien go back in time to when they all tried to use the totems before. They see Nora escaping, but before Mallus can kill her and come out, Ray and Damien catch her and manage to transfer Mallus from her body to Damien's. As Damien's body gets possessed, Ray and Nora run away to safety.

Back on the Waverider, Zari is busy coding out a call for potential totem bearers' help when she's interrupted by Jonah. There are some sparks between them, but it's not explored too much. Then the Legends are all gathered together so Amaya and the still-high Nate can explain that they need to use the totems together. No one is thrilled with this idea, but they agree to try, and Sara even agrees to use the Death totem. They get in a circle and try to focus, but all they end up creating (or birthing) is a weird body (think Voldemort's horcrux in Harry's death Kings Cross, but larger). They all stop and decide to not do that again because clearly they aren't fit to bear the totems. Just then, Ava comes in with some familiar faces: a now butt-kicking warrior Helen Of Troy, an alternate Kuasa who is a hero and shares the totem with her sister, and Jax! Yes, Jax is back! And he's lived five years since he left the team, so he's got a wife and baby daughter now (her name is Martina! He named her after Stein! How cute is that?!).

Ray and Nora show up to the Wild West, and now they've got a full roster to fight the three armies who have arrived, and Legends gives us a wonderful fight sequence. And just when all the opponents are KOed on the ground, they're suddenly possessed by Mallus (who is nearby) and get up. The Legends know that they have to do something drastic to beat Mallus this time. Thanks to an earlier pep talk from Ava about how the Legends are the best people to bear the totems, they get in their circle again and focus on birthing something more pure. Any guesses as to what they think of? Beebo. Yes, the Legends come together to create a giant floating Beebo that immediately leaps up to fight Mallus. Did I ever think I'd see a gigantic blue furry bear fighting a horned demon? Nope. But I enjoyed it. On any other show, I'd be rolling my eyes, but this is Legends and it's wacky and wonderful. Sure, the CGI wasn't outstanding, but it was good enough. Though Mallus put up a good fight, Beebo wins in the end and smashes the demon to smithereens. The Legends emerge from the wreckage, and they all celebrate.

Then comes the tying of loose ends. Jax and Helen are returned to their homes, the Wild West people have their memories wiped, Ava takes the pirate, the Viking, and the Roman into custody, Amaya gives the totems to Kuasa for safekeeping, and Ray gives Nora her father's time stone so she can hopefully escape the Bureau and start a normal life for herself. I'd like to take this moment to thank the Legends Of Tomorrow writers for not giving us some awkward romance between Ray and Nora. It looked like it was going there, but I'm glad it didn't. It would have led to heartbreak for Ray and uncomfortableness for all us watchers. Because Ray is a nice guy and knew Nora a bit before Mallus, it makes sense that he'd help her, so this scenario was perfect. And lastly, Jonah and Zari make eyes, leading Sara and Amaya to tease her a little before Amaya announces that she has decided to return to Zambesi. Side note: this quick scene with the three girls made me realize that we really didn't get a lot of that this season. We had Zari bond with Amaya and Sara separately, but not as a trio, and I think that was a missed opportunity because they're all so great. 

The time has come for the emotional goodbye. Over in Zambesi, Nate and Amaya have a moment. Nate wants to wipe her memory, but she insists on keeping it so she can remember him. They kiss, Nate leaves, and I cry. Look, their relationship was never my favourite because they started out of nowhere and more than once did their drama and/or sexual encounters interfere with missions, but they were a sweet side to the show, and I do like them both. Is this the very end for Amaya on Legends? I don't know. I hope we see her in season four.

Remember at the end of season two when Mick asked to go to Aruba for a vacation but that was delayed? Well, no more. The Legends take a much-deserved trip to tan and chill. Only that lasts about a minute before they're interrupted by Gary and Constantine. Constantine reveals a serpented head and says that when the Legends opened the dimension to kill Mallus, a few small demons escaped. This is the end of the episode, so I guess we know what we have to look forward to in season four (and I hope that the serpent head is from a dragon because I'd really love some dragons on the show!).

Overall, this was a good episode. It perfectly encompassed what Legends is: silly with style. There was action, there were emotions, there was drama, there were surprises. Good stuff. Season three impressed me as a whole, and I can't wait for season four. 

The Flash 4x17 "Null And Annoyed"

Back from their hiatus, The Flash is jumping right into the DeVoe plot. Barry is growing increasingly worried about his chances of finding/saving the last Bus Metas, and his attitude is only worsened by Ralph's habit of humour. I mean, Barry is right to be annoyed with Ralph because Ralph's life is on the line, but on the other hand, Ralph has had a silly side since day one, so what are we really expecting here? And to add to Barry's issues, Harry can't use his thinking helmet with distractions, one of the Bus Metas they've identified has gone MIA, and the other, named Janet, used to be in prison but has escaped. And just when STAR Labs couldn't have their hands more full, in comes Gypsy's father, Breacher (who you'll remember from 4x04). He needs Cisco's help because, as he explains, while he was in the middle of a fight with a vampire army and its leader Crucifer, his powers stopped working, and he was hoping Cisco could found out why and fix him. Luckily, things aren't going great for DeVoe and Marlize either. DeVoe's host body, Izzy's, is failing due to dark matter, and Marlize is worried.

Finally we get to see the meta Janet's powers. She's got the power of helium, and we see her touch a crate going to a museum to make it float into the air long enough to confuse the two workers transporting it, and then it crashes to the ground so she is able to steal a crown. With some cop info from Joe and some smarts from Harry, Barry and Ralph go investigate a jewels dealer. Though when they get there, Ralph transforms into Joe and though that may have worked to intimidate the lying man, when they find Janet still in the building, Barry tries to cuff her, but Ralph for some reason hesitates in handing the cuffs over, and Janet touches Barry's body, making him float up to the ceiling. Back at STAR Labs, Caitlin announces that Barry is overall fine and he eventually crashes back down to the ground. Barry is super angry at Ralph for switching to Joe, not giving the cuffs, and for being very quippy and annoying (even more so than usual). Barry decides to bench Ralph and takes on his next mission alone. He finds Janet and quickly puts cuffs on her, but she just shows him a car with a driver falling from the sky. Barry has to choose to save the guy or take her in, and obviously he chooses to save the civilian. This failure to get Janet prompts Iris to chat with Barry and suggest that he work with Ralph a little more and understand his ways because Ralph managed to do fine when Barry was in prison.

As for Cisco and Breacher, they run some tests, but Caitlin ends up figuring out that since vibing take a lot of effort, the power eventually goes away once the person is too old. Cisco is afraid to tell Breacher this because a) Breacher is very aggressive and violent, and b) Cisco wants to see Gypsy again. He even goes so far as to lie to Breacher and give him antihistamines and claim they'll bring back his powers. Later, when Cisco realizes Breacher has disappeared, he vibes him and sees him facing off against a vampire again. Cisco vibes over there and saves him, and eventually comes clean about Breacher's status. In a turn of events, Breacher accepts this fate and later even decides to retire and offer Cisco his job.

Over at the DeVoe lab, Marlize notices some drug residue and runs tests on herself to find out that DeVoe has been drugging her and wiping her memory. She decides to record a video to her future self but then finds a similar video already on the computer. Just then DeVoe appears and admits to the deed and admits that he only created the Weeper meta for this purpose. He knew he'd have to do this to Marlize because she was too soft. So...that's super messed up, but it really cements DeVoe as a cool villain, I guess. 

So Barry finds Ralph and apologizes for getting mad. In return, Ralph shares his sob story of using humour to cope with his father leaving when he was little and then admits that he is scared of DeVoe and will be more serious. It's a good thing they're on good terms now because they've found Janet again, about to rob a gala. Barry manages to get all the people out, but Janet manages to touch him again, and since this is an outdoor gala, Barry's on his way up to space. Ralph tries to stretch and reach him, but he can't. Even Cisco can't breach that high. Over the comms, Barry suggests that Ralph do something "Dibny-esque" so Ralph quickly puts the power dampening cuffs on Janet's ankles, and when Barry starts falling to the ground, Ralph inflates himself like a big balloon for Barry to land on. Wow, look! Ralph's silliness saved the day! The morals of this show are so good!

The last scene is of Harry going into that secret room that evil Wells used. He plugs in his thinking cap and it activates Gideon, who greets Harry as Wells, and Wells greets Gideon by saying a lot has changed since they last spoke. Considering that, as far as I can recall, Harry hasn't ever spoken to Gideon, this is very concerning. Does this mean our Harry is evil?

All in all, a decent episode, but nothing amazing. Janet's powers were cool and the Marlize bits were interesting, but the Ralph drama was silly, and even the business with Breacher was boring. Is Cisco going to accept the job? While it would mean he'd get to be with Gypsy more, I don't want him leaving the team, or worse, the show. 

Arrow 6x18 "Fundamentals"

We start right in the middle of the action, Oliver about to go up against Diaz and a multitude of cops solo, but then it flashes us back to ten hours earlier, and what a wild ten hours they'll be. Despite Felicity's bests efforts to reunite Diggle and Oliver, the duo still aren't gelling. Not that Oliver has a lot of time to stand around and discuss their issues anyway, as he may be impeached as the Mayor. He and Quentin sit in a meeting with a councilman, and Oliver promises that at the hearing, he'll be able to prove Diaz's ties to the ex-police chief and ex-DA. Luckily, Felicity has info for him, but they don't know how he'll be able to explain how he got it since he can't reveal his wife to be a hacker or himself to be the Green Arrow. This irritates Oliver, and in a weirdly out of character moment, be blames Felicity for not doing better. As the two of them begin to argue, William across the room reminds Oliver (again) that they're late for his science fair, and as Oliver turns around to yell at William, he accidentally knocks William's science project off a table and it breaks. William runs off, and Felicity kicks Oliver out of the house, which if you ask me, was a rather dramatic call considering it was an accident, Oliver's yelling wasn't even that bad, and she doesn't even have parental rights to William.

Oliver retreats to the Arrow bunker, and shortly after, Felicity arrives. And in a weirdly out of character moment for her, she says she wants a separation from Oliver because of his attitude. I distinctly remember Felicity telling Oliver last week after John left that she'll never leave him, but sure, kick him while he's down. She leaves and then Quentin shows up. Oliver confides in him about the current state of Team Arrow, and Quentin assures him it'll work out, but the most pressing issue is the impeachment hearing, which Oliver promises to be at. Then he leaves, and shortly after Oliver starts hearing some clanging sounds. As he goes to investigate, the elevator doors open, and you'll never guess who walks out. Adrian Chase. Oliver is just as surprised as I was. Adrian says he never actually died and is back to pick up where they left off. The two begin to fight. At this point, I start to wonder if it's all a dream, because at least that would explain the whole thing with Felicity. And guess what? I'm kind of right. Oliver realizes that Adrian is a hallucination, so he tests his blood and finds traces of Vertigo. Oliver figures out that the councilman must have planted it on his hand when they shook hands earlier, and this means that the councilman, and likely the whole council at the hearing, are under Diaz's control too. Hallucination Adrian appears again and starts doing that classic hallucination thing where he voices all of Oliver's inner thoughts and fears. Oliver tries to ignore it, but then he hallucinates a young Laurel, and then Laurel before she died, and then injured Rene, and then Dinah and Curtis, and then Diaz himself. All of Oliver's old friends blame him for their situation, whereas Diaz straight up says he deserves to die. Then Oliver snaps out of the hallucination and proceeds to head to the hearing, but then he's faced with a season one version of himself. This younger, angry Oliver tells regular Oliver that the whole point of the Green Arrow was to complete his father's mission alone and that he's strayed a lot since (which is actually correct). 

Finally Oliver manages to get to the hearing, but when he presents the information and says he got it from the Green Arrow, the council doesn't believe it. Quentin escorts him out (oh, good meeting guys, a solid thirty seconds) and tells him to go back to the bunker and wait for the drugs to die off, but Adrian shows up again and tells Oliver that if he really wants to fix things, he needs to go kill Diaz. Earlier Felicity had told Oliver that Diaz hides out at the police station every night, but persuaded him not to go there alone because it'd be a suicide mission. But since we saw him there at the start of the episode, we know that drugged up Oliver chose to fight. Meanwhile, Felicity via her tablet notices that Oliver is moving across town, and she calls Quentin, who informs her of his drugged status. She decides to go stop him herself. She arrives at the police station and has to convince him that she didn't ask for a separation and that he is a good man while Adrian stands next to him and urges him otherwise. Luckily, love trumps drugs and Oliver agrees to not take on Diaz's army solo, and he and Felicity flee. 

Back in the bunker and with the drugs worn off, Oliver admits that he has come to a conclusion and the drugs helped him to do so. He has realized that in order to be the best Green Arrow, he has to go back to doing things solo. And while he knows he's spread thin, he thinks it's the best plan. Of course, one major duty of his is alleviated as it's announced that he has in fact been impeached (so now neither he nor Felicity have paying jobs. Cool). The last scene is of Laurel talking to Diaz, who seems pleased with the recent events, and even goes as far to say that "Star City is open for business."

While the hallucination plot is a little cliche, I will say that this episode was alright. I was interested the whole time, at least. And while I don't mind that Oliver's feelings of guilt were on the table, I don't like that all he learned from this is that he needs to do things alone again. Diggle was aiding him pretty early on, and if he thinks he'll be successful without Felicity at the computer, he's mistaken. It's only a matter of time before some semblance of Team Arrow is formed again. 

To no one's surprise, Legends Of Tomorrow is my favourite episode of the week. The show gave us a strong finale, and while The Flash and Arrow weren't bad this week, Legends was just better. Do you concur?


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