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Arrowverse Recaps: Supergirl 3x13, The Flash 4x13, Arrow 6x13

V Donovan | PopWrapped Author

V Donovan

02/09/2018 8:59 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Arrowverse Recaps: Supergirl 3x13, The Flash 4x13, Arrow 6x13 | Arrowverse
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Last week's recaps

Kara, Barry, and Oliver all face off against their foes this week, but with mixed results. None of these three episodes are standouts, but they all advance the overall plots. Here's what happened:

Supergirl 3x13 "Both Sides Now"

This episode is kind of the second mid-season finale as Supergirl won't be returning until April, so you'd think it'd be a stellar episode, but it wasn't. It starts with Kara and the DEO going to Julia's house and barging right in. Julia is quite startled by their arrival and though she didn't fear Supergirl at first, the stern DEO agents with guns eventually scared her so bad that Purity took over and she did a screechy thing similar to Black Canary. But J'onn managed to get a pair of special cuffs on her, and they took her to a special DEO cell. Since Kara saw a bit of humanity in the girl before the screeching, Kara is convinced that she has to coax Julia out of the worldkiller. She tries her best but not only does it not really work, Alex isn't too thrilled with the idea anyway. This causes a bit of a rift between the sisters, and they have a bit of an argument over Kara's tendency to look for the good in her foes (which has never really been a problem in the past, so what gives, Alex?).

While Julia/Purity is in her cell, Winn is trying to lift data from a Kryptonian key they got from Julia's house. But that takes some time, so he volunteers to help Mon-El, who came to J'onn for help with his spaceship. Basically, a part needed to be replaced so the ship could hold fuel or something. It's unimportant. What is important is that this gives Mon-El and J'onn a chance to chat. Mon-El reveals some rather interesting details about his relationship with Imra. Apparently, though the two are in love now, their marriage was basically a business deal to unite planets, and this is leading to Mon-El being conflicted about his feelings, especially now that he's back in Kara's time. J'onn advises that he be honest with Imra, as that's the key to marriage. Later in the episode, Mon-El does talk with Imra, and he reveals that he doesn't know if he still loves Kara, but Imra's not blind to their chemistry. This honestly prompts Imra to be honest too, and she reveals that she and Brainy planned for the ship to come to this time. Why? We'll have to wait until April to find out...

Across town, Sam takes Ruby out for the day and they go ice skating and they're having a great time. Until, that is, Reign is called so Sam just disappears, leaving Ruby all alone. Ruby calls Lena, who comes to get her, and Lena says that she doesn't know what's wrong with Sam. Ruby admits to Lena that she's noticed changes in her mom's memory too and is worried. And to where did Sam disappear? Well, her hooded mentor informed Reign that Purity was waking up and would need help. Over at the DEO, Purity managed to break out of her cell and steal back the Kryptonian thing from Winn before fleeing. They managed to track her to a subway and they surround her, but she screamed and broke walls. She even managed to get Kara in a hold and was about to kill her before Alex jumped in and tried to coax Julia out again. Somehow Alex manages, but then Reign comes flying in and pins down Alex. Julia ends up surrendering herself to save Alex. Reign takes her back to the evil lair and begins to draw out Purity, which looks painful.

Later, Sam goes to L-Corp to find Lena and inquire about Ruby. Lena assures her it's all okay, but Sam is not thrilled that Lena lowkey admitted that something was wrong to Ruby. Sam actually really pissed, and unfairly so because Lena did nothing wrong and Sam was the one who ghosted. In her anger, she yells as Lena to be quiet and as she does, Reign takes over for a second and Sam's eyes turn red. When Sam is back a second later, Lena seems to know what just happened and how to fix her. Colour me intrigued. (Lena doesn't really know what's happening, though....right?)

And it. As I said, not a stellar episode. I like that we met Purity/Julia, but the fight scenes weren't that exciting, and the drama with Alex and Kara was weird. I mean, sure, Purity was very harsh towards Alex and we do learn later that Alex is still struggling with her breakup, but it just feels too awkward. I will say that Winn was delightful this episode and he needs more screen time. 

The Flash 4x13 "True Colours"

So Barry's in the special meta lockup with the Bus Metas, and though the Warden tried to lie to Iris, Cecile was able to read the truth in his mind. Now Team Flash knows that Barry's in trouble and decide to focus all their efforts on getting him out (except for Harry, because though he was very forceful regarding Barry last week, this week he's back on Earth-2 and not in the episode at all). So how is the team going to stop Barry from being sold to Amunet (who wants to buy all the Bus Metas)? By taking advantage of Ralph's brand new trick! The Flash is full of coincidences lately and I'm not into it. See, Ralph is visited by an old Scottish friend who kindly reminds Ralph that all his friends eventually leave, and when Ralph is ranting about this to Team Flash, he manages to turn into the dude (because stretching powers can do this now????). So Team Flash has Ralph turn into the Warden and meet with Amunet to delay the sale. Ralph manages to do alright all things considered, but Amunet is smarter and figures out Ralph's an imposter, which isn't helped by the fact that Ralph isn't able to control his features very well and has to leave before he changes back into his normal self. 

While Team Flash does that, The Flash has to go back to his science ways to get out of his cell as the Bus Metas are in a special powerless space. Using batteries he stole, Barry extracts acid and burns his way out of his cell. He also opens the cells of the other Bus Metas (Kilgore the tech controller, Mina the inanimate object animator, Becky the luck lady, and Rundin the guy who can shrink things) so they can escape too. They know Barry's a speedster but they don't know he's The Flash, so they're willing to work with him, and they manage to work together fairly well. Barry even has a nice moment with Becky, who says that if they do escape, she's not going to use her powers for evil, whereas the others can't make the same promises. Only too bad they don't ever actually make it out. They get out outside, but the Warden stops them and reveals Barry to be The Flash. The other metas turn on him, but Becky steps in and saves him. Then Amunet shows up, but before she can take them away, DeVoe as Dominic shows up in his floating chair. He unleashes these mechanical tentacles that attach to the Bus Metas' heads and he sucks the life out of the boys, but then takes over Becky's body. Then DeVoe kills the Warden, and Marlize, who is watching this all from her lab, is shocked. Cisco and Killer Frost then vibe in and offer to bring Barry home, but he refuses to leave on these terms. He wants to be freed legally, so he flashes back into his old cell and stays.

Why didn't Ralph come on this rescue mission, you ask? Well, since he failed to properly portray the Warden, he considers himself a total sham and thinks Team Flash will kick him out too, so he removes himself from the situation early. Later, Killer Frost shows up and tells him that though she's evil, Team Flash still like her and care for her, so he's fine (wow I'm so glad Killer Frost is getting these great plots). This talk works because we cut to the courtroom where Cecile and Iris are appealing Barry's sentencing, and just as the judge is about to dismiss them, Ralph comes rolling in disguised as the original DeVoe. Even Marlize is shook. Since DeVoe is clearly alive and well, the judge is forced to release Barry. Cut again to the West house where Team Flash is celebrating (this is the legal way Barry wanted?), but only for a moment before Barry ponders why DeVoe only attacked the Bus Metas and not all the other metas in Iron Heights. Now Team Flash has to not only figure out how to keep Barry out of prison, but they have to return to the Bus Meta case and protect their own Bus Meta Ralph.

The last scene is of DeVoe (as Becky) and Marlize in their lab. Things aren't going great for the two. Marlize is not only unhappy with DeVoe's superior mind reading hers and making calls without discussion, but she's particularly not thrilled with the murder of the Warden. Could the Thinker's downfall eventually be from the inside? Maybe, but then maybe not as DeVoe proceeds to drug Marlize and they dance.

All in all, a decent episode. Ralph's new ability is so dumb given his powers and the random Scottish friend was unnecessary, but Ralph wasn't too bad this episode. Barry working with the Bus Metas was cool and had a fun Prison Break vibe, and now that he's out of prison, Team Flash can continue to work on taking down DeVoe and go back to the Bus Metas plotline that was pushed aside for a while. And while I really don't like Amunet and would appreciate if she stopped showing up, it was interesting to find out that DeVoe was unaware of her deal with the Warden. I guess he doesn't know everything, eh?

Arrow 6x13 "The Devil's Greatest Trick"

Once again, this episode is plagued with flashbacks, this time of Cayden James and his son. Like last week's flashbacks, they're all boring and rather unimportant (to sum it up, Cayden had intentions of being a good father, but Helix got in the way, and when he did go to see his son's basketball game, ARGUS caught him and he was later informed that Owen was shot). In the present, Cayden still has a hold on Star City, and Oliver is getting increasingly desperate. The bomb is ready to blow and they're not even kind of close to stopping him. Oliver's brought everyone of importance into the Arrow bunker for protection and then he and Diggle go out to try and find Cayden because Alena managed to figure out that Owen was shot by dead assassin Karl Iscove. When they find Cayden and he does some computer-y stuff to the video, he finds out that one of his team members hired Karl and made the fake video. Unfortunately, his team has scattered in order to protect themselves from the bomb, so Oliver, Diggle, and NTA team up to hunt them down. Dinah, who's out for Laurel's blood after Vince's murder, manages to track Black Siren, but Quentin shows up as they fight has forbidden her to kill because a) Dinah shouldn't do that and b) they need Laurel alive for Cayden. Rene and Curtis manage to track Diaz, and Oliver gets Anatoly, so the three are taken to James and the bomb at an abandoned theater. 

In the bunker, William is being a moody teenager and since Thea, Felicity, and Alena are busy, he decides to sneak out. He originally had asked Oliver to go out with him on the mission, but that was rejected real fast (honestly, William, I thought you were smart. You think Oliver's gonna take you, a child, out to fight crime illegally? Sure, pal). William overheard where the bomb was, so he heads there. And while that was a severely stupid idea, his presence does help Team Arrow as Cayden starts losing his cool, probably thinking about his son and whatnot. Before something comes of that, Black Siren declares that she was the one to order Owen's kill. Cayden doesn't believe her because he thought she hesitated to kill Vince (I mean, I didn't really see a hesitation, but okay...). Whether she did or not aside, as she's talking with Cayden, she steps closer to the bomb and it messes with the power dampener she has on. It turns off so she yells and makes a run for it. But Dinah follows her and the two Black Canaries fight for a cool moment before Quentin intervenes. Dinah is knocked out and Laurel is injured, so Quentin takes Laurel and we later see her wake up in his car. Quentin's newest plan to save Laurel's good side is to take her away from this madness. Do y'all remember the good old days when Quentin was sensible? Because now despite his good intentions he's making bad choice after bad choice and I really don't want to see him heartbroken and drunk again. Anyway, since they have no more cards to play, Oliver uses his last moments to reassure William that he loves him and will protect him, and apparently this act of basic humanity is so moving, Cayden literally backs down because he knows his son wouldn't want him to do this. 

So Cayden went from demanding millions of dollars daily and setting bombs to giving Oliver the money back and also handing over info on his team. As Oliver takes him to the police, he asks to visit his son's grave. And while you'd think Cayden in custody is a win for Team Arrow, we know we're only 13 episodes into the season, so we can't be done with villains yet. Visiting Cayden in the police station is Diaz, who is seriously the most boring and irrelevant member of James' posse this season. But he does reveal that he was the one to order Owen's kill and he'll be the one to take over Star City (because somehow, villains still want this ugly, mess of a city?). Then he stabs Cayden James, so I guess Diaz is the new big bad. If only I cared.

And that's it. Not a thrilling episode. NTA and OTA are still at odds, and now they have a new guy to fight. I gotta say, Cayden's end was very boring. I mean, getting emotional over William? Boo. Lame. What kind of villain are you? 

Not an outstanding week for the Arrowverse, that's for sure. The Flash wins it for me because I enjoyed Barry's prison break, and having Ralph pose as DeVoe, as dumb as his ability is, was a cool twist. Do you agree with this decision?


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