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Is The Newsies Movie Blazing The Trail For More Accessible Musicals?

God, I hope so.I just came back from seeing Newsies, the hit Disney musical, at the movies. Yes, on a screen. No, it wasn't a bootleg. At the end of last year, Disney gathered most of the original Newsies Broadway cast as well as some of the touring cast members, and they put on the show live, but it was also professionally filmed. And for a few days this month, it was distributed across the nation thanks to

Will Smith Out Of Live-Action Dumbo

According to Deadline, Will Smith is no longer in talks with Disney to appear in yet another planned animated-turned-live-action project, Dumbo. While he had never fully committed to the project, negotiations were reportedly being undertaken to bring him...

Big “Little” News: Michael Douglas Joins Ant-Man And The Wasp

Just a few days ago on February 10, Michael Douglas posted on his Twitter account a photo of himself next to the original Ant-Man (2015) poster, confirming his return involvement in the upcoming sequel, Ant-Man and the Wasp (2018).

YouTube Megastar PewDiePie Dropped After Anti-Semitic Video

According to a recent report by CBS News, YouTube sensation PewDiePie has recently been dropped by sponsor Disney, as well as carrier YouTube, after posting a video that included anti-Semitic remarks.

Mary Poppins Returns, Plot And Cast Revealed

We’ve known for a while that Mary Poppins was making a return to the big screen in the upcoming Disney film Mary Poppins Returns. We’ve even gotten some casting news here and there, but, for the first time, we now know what the movie will actually be about.

Broadway Has A New Aladdin As Adam Jacobs Hits The Road

News broke out the other day that there will be a new Aladdin coming to Agrabah -- as well as getting a magic carpet ride all around North America.Telly Leung, who is returning to Broadway in the show In Transit at the end of the month after a leave of absence, will be joining the magic carpet ride as the new lead.

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