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ABC Family Gets "Twisted" With New Show Premiere!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/15/2013 11:01 pm
ABC Family Gets

Nicole MacDowell

Staff Writer

ABC Family’s newest teen-angst drama premiered on Tuesday and things got really crazy. First, let’s meet our characters.

Danny Desai

- Danny Desai is sixteen years old. He was recently released from a juvenile detention center where he spent the last five years of his childhood. He was locked up for strangling his Aunt Tara with a red jump rope at eleven years old. Nicknamed “socio”, everybody at school hates and fears him, including the staff. He claims to have a valid reason for killing his aunt but claims that he can never tell anybody why. He also claims that he’s protecting everybody by staying quiet.


- Jo was one of Danny’s childhood friends. She was present the day of the murder and found the body on the floor with her then-friend, Lacey. Because of witnessing the murder, she suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and hates Danny for taking away her childhood and corrupting her innocence. She’s very shy and seen as a social outcast. She has very few friends, the only real friend being Rico.


- Danny’s other childhood friend. She was also there on the day of the murder and goes with Jo to find the body .She also hates Danny and gives him the nickname “socio”. She is one of the popular girls at Green Grove High School and has a lot of friends and is dating Archie, the soccer captain.

Karen Desai

- mother to Danny. She appears to be very cheerful despite the mysterious death of her husband 5 months prior. She flirts with the principal and is only concerned with her own personal status.


- Lacey’s boyfriend who is also captain of the soccer team. He openly despises Danny and is willing to do anything to provoke him to leave town. He seems like a royal jerk, but that’s just me.


- Jo’s only friend, tries to protect her from Danny but is terrified of him.

The story opens up with a flashback to the day that Lacey and Jo witness Danny murder his aunt. Fast forward five years to his release from juvenile detention and his return to regular school.

At school, he is ostracized and shunned. His only friends, Lacey and Jo, won’t speak to him because of their deep hatred of them. He eventually manages to speak with Jo in the hallway and tells her that he had a reason to kill his aunt but can’t ever tell anybody. She doesn’t believe him and they go to Psychology together where they discuss sociopathic behaviors, leading Jo to think that Danny may have become a real sociopath.

Later that day in the lunch room, Regina and Lacey are talking when Regina calls Danny over to talk because Regina wants to have sex with the “socio” Danny Desai. In an attempt to get him into her bed, Regina invites him to her party and he notices her necklace, a red charm shaped almost like an eye. He questions her about it and she claims it was a gift. He leaves before she can say anything else.

After school, Danny finds Rico and Jo studying in a local diner and invites Jo to go to Regina’s party with him. She accepts and they leave.

At the party that night, everybody is drinking and having a great time. Regina takes Jo aside and asks her if she’s into Danny and when Jo says no, Regina hugs her and tells her that she can have Danny after because “sharing is caring”. Meanwhile, Danny is talking to Lacey about what has happened since he left and he tells her that he’s sorry. Regina comes in and insults him so he leaves and sits in a secluded area.

In the heart of the party, Jo does a dare of licking jello shots off of a guy named Scott. When Scott tries to go farther, Danny shows up and separates them. Scott shoves Danny and Danny grabs Scott and whispers something inaudible in his ear which makes him back off. He grabs Jo and drags her out of the party and they begin walking home. As they walk, Danny tells Jo that he told Scott that he would sue for assault which is why he backed off.

Later that night, Lacey is asleep on Danny’s floor after bringing him home when he receives sexual text messages from Regina, and when he refuses to have sex with her, she claims that she knows why he killed Tara and he shuts his phone off.

The next morning, Regina is found beaten to death on the floor of her living room by her housekeeper. The only thing missing is the red eye necklace and everybody immediately assumes Danny “socio” Desai killed her.

In school, Scott tells Archie and Lacey that Danny said that he’d “kill him and enjoy it, just like last time” in order to get him off of Jo. Later, at a school-wide mourning assembly, the police enter and take Danny for questioning about his whereabouts the night before. He is shown a picture of the necklace and swears he has never seen it before. After he is released from the police station, he tells Jo that the only reason he’s not telling anybody why he killed his aunt is to protect her.

At the end of the episode, we learn that the Desai family is broke and has just enough money to live off of. Danny sits on his bed and flips through a scrapbook and we see a picture taken when he was four years old with his Aunt Tara wearing the red eye necklace. He shuts the book and reaches down, picking up the necklace and looking at it.

Alright, let’s get real for a minute. What the fuck is going on here? Personally, I think Danny Desai is innocent when it comes to the murder of Regina. I think that his mother murdered Regina and then gave Danny the necklace. If he’s trying to start over and rebuild his life, why the hell would he murder Regina and on what grounds?

The red eye necklace clearly plays a pivotal role in this story. First his Aunt Tara is wearing it, then Regina and they both end up murdered. And Danny said that he couldn’t tell anybody why he killed his aunt because he was protecting Jo and others. What is so secret about this necklace and his motives that telling people the truth would endanger them? I think there is something going on behind the scenes. I think there is some deep family secret rooted in that necklace and that there is some kind of curse on those who wear it.

Whatever happens, this is going to be one hell of a rollercoaster and I’m riding front seat, direct center. Hold on to your emotions, ladies and gentlemen, it’s about to get Twisted.


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