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Arrow Recap: "Unfinished Business"

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/04/2013 7:55 am
Arrow Recap:


Vanessa Ho

Staff Writer

The Count (Seth Gabel) is back but also a more dangerous form of the Vertigo drug.

So lets get started with the recap. As always spoilers ahead.

The Count and Vertigo Returns


As the episode opens, a young woman is partying hard at Verdant. We focus in on her as she wanders in the middle of the street in the bridge. She is definitely high on something and because of her drugged out state, she gets run over by a car and is instantly killed.

Detective Lance goes to the club and informs Tommy and Oliver that the young woman was high on Vertigo. Both young men were surprised as Tommy thought that Oliver had taken care of the Count and thus Vertigo.

Oliver pays a visit to the Count at the mental institute where we last saw him. He has completely gone crazy and is completely unhelpful leaving Oliver at square one.

However, the Count has escaped and is back on the street peddling Vertigo.

We find out that this new Vertigo is stronger and more addictive therefore more dangerous.

Oliver manages to stop some Vertigo drug deals to go down but the Count escapes. However, one drug addict managed to get a hold of Vertigo and under its influence takes a group of people hostage at the Starling City Aquarium.  

Oliver whips a serum made from herbs from the island in hopes that this will counteract the effects of the drug. Oliver is doing this because he feels guilty for going easy on the Count the first time and if he didn’t do that then this mess wouldn’t be happening right now.

However, before he can help the guy, the young man overdoses after taking more Vertigo. After getting her hands on the toxicology report of the young man and Veronica Sparks, the young woman who died at the beginning of the episode, we learn that they didn’t die from Vertigo but from the anti-psychotic drug that was added to them.

Oliver believes that the Count has been faking his insanity and his escape as the only way the Count could have gotten the anti-psychotic drugs was from his mental institution.

So Arrow repays a visit to the Count at the mental hospital only to discover that the Count did not fake his insanity as he comes across a spaced out Count. It turns it was his doctor that figured out Vertigo’s composition using the Count’s biopsy. He peddled this new Vertigo for the money.

The doctor has managed to capture Arrow, thanks to an orderly thug and knows that Arrow is Oliver Queen. He forces Oliver to drink a liquid version of Vertigo that will kill him. Even while drug addled, Oliver manages to detonate one of his arrows and everyone is down for the count (pun not intended). But before Oliver can grab the serum he was going to use on the hostage taker, the orderly comes to and tries to attack Oliver but Diggle comes to the rescue. Oliver gets the serum into and purges the Vertigo drug from his system to go after the doctor and their confrontation ends with an arrow through the good doctor.

Oliver then re-confronts the Count and this time ready to kill him but seeing how he is now, he feels that he is not worth killing.

Tommy the Suspect


The last person that the young lady, Veronica Sparks, texted before she died was Tommy, so Detective Lance goes to investigate.  Lance believes that Tommy is the one that is supplying people at his club with Vertigo and used $10,000 from the club to fund this venture.

We find out that Tommy actually used the money to bribe a zoning inspector to not inspect the entire building. We know that Tommy did that so the Arrow cave wouldn’t be discovered. Tommy refuses to let Lance search the club without a warrant. Lance does come back with a warrant and wants to search the sub level of the club. Oliver doesn’t want to open the coded door that leads to the Arrow cave but he reluctantly does. And when Lance and company go down, we see the Arrow cave is no more but a storage unit for the club’s inventory. Thanks to Tommy, Oliver’s secret is safe. 

But this leads to a falling out between the best friends as Tommy is pissed that Oliver would believe he would be dealing Vertigo and Tommy still can’t accept that Oliver is a murderer. All of this leads to Tommy quitting his job at the club and turning to his father for a job.

Diggle and Deadshot

Diggle is out for revenge against Deadshot. Deadshot is the man responsible for killing his brother. Diggle has asked for Felicity’s help in tracking down Deadshot aka Floyd Laughton. The only thing that she has managed to find out is Deadshot keeps on calling an Alberto Garcia, a talent scout that books all of Deadshot’s hits. Diggle takes this information to a former army friend who now works for an organization called A.R.G.U.S or A.R.G.O.S. But Diggle believes they are the only ones that can take on Deadshot.

While the whole Count/Vertigo drama was going down, Oliver finds out that Diggle was doing his vendetta on the side. They have a brief fight about this but in the end Oliver agrees to help take down Deadshot so Diggle can move on with his life.

Island Flashback


Shado, Yao Fei’s daughter, wants to teach Oliver how to fight and starts off by getting Oliver to repeatedly slap a bowl of water, much to his annoyance.  But, like the Karate Kid, there is a method to her madness. All that water slapping allows Oliver to properly pull the string on a bow. Now Shado is ready to teach him how to shoot.

What is most interesting about this episode is that I think we are seeing the beginning of Tommy becoming a villain since now he will be working with his dad who we all know is the Dark Archer. What do you think?


For a more detailed review of this episode, visit Pop Goes The World.

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