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Arrowverse Recaps: Supergirl 3x16, The Flash 4x20, Arrow 6x21

V Donovan | PopWrapped Author

V Donovan

05/04/2018 1:36 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Arrowverse Recaps: Supergirl 3x16, The Flash 4x20, Arrow 6x21 | Arrowverse recaps
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It has been a solid week for the Arrowverse. All three shows were solid, meaning I have high hopes for the season finales that are coming up soon. Here's what happened this week:

Supergirl 3x16 "Of Two Minds"

While Sam/Reign may be under Lena's watch, the same can't be said for Purity and Pestilence, who are out there somewhere. When the DEO starts noticing a disease going around to humans and animals alike transmitted through scratches, they're on high alert. Then they hear of it taking down several politicians, so they go to investigate and help the ill. Imra shows up and puts a force-field around the building, trapping everyone in and causing a bit of a panic. Kara has to tell her off and assure her that Pestilence is not there. Imra is out for blood, and just like Barry had to tell Ralph, Kara informs Imra that there will be no killing. Her plan is to draw out the humanity in the worldkillers. The DEO is also working on extracting the worldkiller info from Mon-El and Imra's DNA, and Brainiac (who has changed to look more human) is working on the disease cure. Only this cure can't come fast enough. In their search for Pestilence, Winn gets infected and is bedridden. They give him the cure, but since it's designed to fight Blight, it fails, and they realize they need Pestilence's DNA (since she hasn't yet evolved into Blight) to make a working cure. And before they know it, Alex is infected too. Neither of them know who scratched them.

Not only is Kara at odds with Imra, so is Mon-El. He urges her to be honest with Kara and reconsider why they came to this time period in the first place, but Imra insists she's right to want to kill Pestilence and the worldkillers. Needless to say, she's not invited to come along when Kara and the others figure out using social media who infected everyone. A doctor named Grace was at town hall, so they go find her, just as she's about to strike others. Kara wastes no time trying to coax out Grace from Pestilence, but it doesn't go well. There's fighting, and Kara ends up getting scratched and going down. Luckily Imra and Mon-El do show up, and Imra manages to stab her, which brings out Grace for a second, but then Purity (aka Julia) comes crashing in and takes Pestilence away. However, Grace's blood is on the thing Imra threw at her, so they at least have DNA for the cure.

Back at the DEO, Kara and Imra chat, and Imra finally admits her truth: the reason she's so determined to kill Pestilence isn't just because Blight wipes out millions, but because one of the victims is her sister. And because she just had a sister scare, Kara assures Imra that they'll work together to defeat Blight and save her sister.

Now that the DEO knows Purity and Pestilence are together, the cured Winn sets up a tracker to monitor Purity's frequency waves, and just then the tracker alerts them that the pair are heading to CatCo where Lena and Sam are. J'onn phases himself, Kara (as Supergirl), Mon-El, and Imra inside to see Sam in her protected cell. Throughout the episode we saw Lena working with Sam some more, and by shocking Sam, they managed to force Sam to enter a dimension in her head where Reign is in control. Reign threatens Sam and Ruby, which really scares Sam, but Lena swore they'd get through it and she'd be okay. Of course now, when Purity and Pestilence are on their way, even Supergirl can't save Sam from giving in to Reign as the worldkillers come and take her. 

And that's it for this episode. Overall, it was pretty good. There was some alright action, some interesting conflict, but most of all, some strong emotions. When Winn was on his deathbed, he and James had an emotional scene about Winn's future, and J'onn had some cute moments with both Kara and Alex when Alex gets sick. Lena and Sam were just as powerful as they dealt with Sam's issue. Even Imra's emotions were justified. Episodes where the characters are vulnerable are usually good ones. And now that we've met the third worldkiller, the last handful of episodes can be gearing up to take them down.

The Flash 4x20 "Therefore She Is"

The 'she' in that title is in reference to Marlize, which is very interesting. Since we met the DeVoes, we've been curious as to what their plan is and how they began, and this episode finally answers that. Throughout the episode we see flashbacks to when the couple met, their first date, and more. Though things get rocky when Marlize finds a journal with Clifford's plans for what he calls Enlightenment - a process in which human minds are reverted to a primitive state in order to escape from technology. At first Marlize rejects his plan and thinks him crazy, but then later on, while she's working in Kenya, she and her peers are attacked because she invented a water purifier, so she decides that maybe he was right.

As for Team Flash, they're at their wit's end, especially when they learn that Harry's mind is going so they can't really rely on him. But they all agree to help him the best they can. However, it's Cecile who helps him the most. Joe has him keep her busy one day, and since she can read minds, she's able to hear his busy, complicated thoughts before he can work them out. Though this means that the more Harry uses his brain, the faster it'll die, Cecile is able to extract his ideas for him, saving him effort. Cecile and Harry are a weird pair, but I don't mind it. Anyway, Team Flash gets an alert that DeVoe stole something and forced the guard to kill himself, so they investigate and Barry suggests that Cisco use his Vibe power to get an insight into DeVoe. Cisco insists that he's not strong enough to do so and not play into DeVoe's trap, so Barry suggests they get Gypsy to help. Her arrival is not as happy as it should be for Cisco as he's still agonizing over his job offer from her father. When they do a joint vibe and see a location where DeVoe must be, the two of them and Barry go, but as per usual, they're a step behind DeVoe, as he's already stolen what he wants. Barry, Cisco, and Gypsy try and fight him, but they fail, and the two Breachers start bickering about who caused their vision to be wrong. 

This awkwardness continues back at STAR Labs. Barry has to force them to talk by first talking to them individually and then forcing them together, but eventually they agree to chat. They start by agreeing that Cisco should not take the job, but for different reasons. Cisco doesn't think he should take it because he doesn't want to leave Team Flash, but he does say that he wants to be with her more, and not from different Earths. As for Gypsy, she doesn't want him to take the job because she's content with their relationship the way it is (which breaks Cisco's heart a little, and it's sad to watch. Cisco is so pure and deserves happiness). Before they can discuss further, they're called into action by Barry, who has figured out that DeVoe has been stealing parts for different satellites that would be able to work together. They figure out that he needs a quantum computer and plan to beat him to it. At Mercury Labs, home to several new quantum computers, DeVoe and Marlize are seconds away from finishing their robbery when they're attacked by Team Flash, who actually manage to get a few good hits in. But it's not enough. DeVoe uses his powers to choke Gypsy, choosing not to harm Barry because he needs him for his plan (then why did you get him sent to prison?). He's ready to kill Gypsy, too, but Marlize begs him to stop. He finally relents, and they leave. Luckily, Harry and Cecile have figured out DeVoe's plan.

Then we get two goodbyes. The first is between Cisco and Gypsy, as he brings her back to her Earth. It's sad to see them part, but we never really got to see this couple thrive, so I'm not too upset to see her go. I'm glad Cisco is staying on the team and I hope he finds new happiness. The other one to say goodbye is Marlize. She manages to trap DeVoe using the invisible walls in their lair and takes his chair to disappear. She says that he's not who she married, and she's not going along with his plan anymore. We don't see where she goes, but hopefully she'll be an ally for Team Flash. Can DeVoe survive without her? I'm not too sure.

The last scene is of Joe and Cecile getting a late baby shower gift delivery from that mysterious speed force girl we've seen all season. She's her regular chipper self in front of Cecile and Joe, but then she runs off (like, speeds off) and looks less than pleased. WHO ARE YOU?

All in all, this was a good episode. Not amazing, but it advanced the plot and finally revealed a lot about DeVoe and Marlize (even if DeVoe's anti-technology stance is weird. I mean, he has a floating chair keeping him alive, he uses tech every day. He wants to get rid of that? It's that bad?). And I'm glad that the Cisco/Gypsy relationship is over because it got sidelined a lot this season, so now we don't have to worry about it. And speaking of sidelined, as Cisco dealt with his sadness this episode, it would have been cool to see Caitlin helping him. Their friendship hasn't had a lot of moments this season either. Anyway, we've only got a few episodes left this season, so things will all come together soon.

Arrow 6x21 "Docket No. 11-19-41-73"

What a catchy title! It's time for the big trial. The odds are stacked against Oliver, especially since they think the judge is under Diaz's control, but Oliver refuses a plea deal, so the trail begins. Rene, Felicity, Diggle, and Dinah have been subpoenaed to testify, but they all lie and deny Oliver's role as the Green Arrow. Dinah, Felicity, and Diggle manage to get through their sessions fairly easily, but when it's Rene's turn, he's thrown off by Diaz bringing Zoey into the courtroom as a silent threat. So of course, Rene is forced to say that Oliver is the Green Arrow, but I think everyone understands this choice, given that he didn't exactly have any time to do anything else. 

Eventually Oliver takes the stand, but his questioning is interrupted by a figure breaking in through the roof - the Green Arrow. He takes off his hood, revealing himself to be Tommy Merlyn. Oliver and the court is shocked, and so was I. How is this Tommy? But our old friend takes the stand and says that he has always been the Green Arrow and faked his death to take on the role. He has an answer for everything. However, he is taken into police custody, but Diggle and Rene break him free and drive him away. In the back of the truck, Tommy peels off his face (a mask) to reveal his true identity. Any guesses? It's Christopher Chance. If your first reaction is "WHO?" let me tell you: same. I literally have no recollection of this dude, but he was on the show for an episode last season (5x05) as a bodyguard known as the Human Target who is a master of disguise. Does this ring a bell for you? Because it only kind of does for me. I think my mind has just repressed most of season five and its nonsense. Anyway, Chance is the pseudo-Green Arrow, and it was thanks to Diggle. At the beginning of the episode, we see him fighting his way to retrieve a guy, and it must have been Chance. I can't decide if it was a good move on Arrow's part to use Chance in this way or not. Since his one pretty irrelevant episode over a year ago, he hasn't been even mentioned, so to bring him back now during such a big moment was just odd. Like, I wasn't satisfied, even if it did help Oliver. 

As for Laurel, she hadn't been subpoenaed, but then Diaz gets an idea to put her on the stand. It's risky, considering she's not really Laurel Lance, but she agrees. Only when she gets up there, she betrays Diaz, as per her plan with Quentin, and tells the jury that Oliver is not the Green Arrow and it was always Tommy. Diaz is super pissed. 

Before the verdict comes, Oliver takes a moment with Felicity and William. Oliver assures William that if he's sent to prison, Felicity will take care of him and it'll all be okay, and it's a sweet moment. He also had a moment just with Felicity earlier, which was cute. They're cute. Finally they all reconvene in the courtroom and the judge delivers the verdict: the jury finds Oliver guilty. Before they can all process this, the judge steps up and says that since the case was so messy and the evidence was so messy, he's overruling it and letting Oliver free. How did the judge, who they were sure was under Diaz' control, do this? That's what Team Arrow is wondering as they meet in the Bunker. The answer is that Chance got us again: Team Arrow switched out Chance for the real judge for the ruling. Arrow, ya got me. What's more is that this was all Rene's plan, so Oliver goes to visit Rene to say thanks. And as much as Oliver was right to, he was not right to then apologize to Rene for all the drama that went on between them because as we all know, it's all Rene's fault and NTA should be the ones apologizing. 

The last scene is of Laurel meeting with Diaz. Knowing she's screwed, she attacks him and actually tries to scream him to death, but he's got a sound dampener and overtakes her and then carts her away. It's not looking good for Laurel. I mean, I respect her for doing Oliver a solid there in court, but I don't actually care for her well-being all that much. As he carts Laurel off, Diaz says that since they failed to have Oliver imprisoned, plan B is to just kill him. Honestly, Diaz, that should have been plan A, and this is why you're a weak villain. Ugh.

All in all, not an awful episode. Because Tommy as the Green Arrow was in the promo, I was eager to see how that came to be, and furthermore, I was interested to see if Oliver would reveal himself. It would be a neat twist that would set up the next season for something different. And while this episode didn't suck, it also wasn't the best. The courtroom scenes weren't very strong. None of the people on the stand were close to revealing anything. They were asked if Oliver was the Green Arrow, they'd say no and give some weak answer ("I'm his wife, I think I would know!") and then that's it. No further, hardcore questioning that really puts us on the edge of our seats. 

As I said, all three shows delivered decent episodes, so I'm glad that my choice for favourite of the week is a harder one. That being said, I'm giving it to The Flash because we finally got a DeVoe motive and a Marlize backstory. It felt like a lot was coming together, and I appreciated that. What's your choice?


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