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Bioshock Infinite Expected to Incinerate Expectations!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


01/27/2013 5:17 pm
Bioshock Infinite Expected to Incinerate Expectations!


Courtney Wark

Staff Writer

Many gamers have delved the depths of Rapture’s great walls in Bioshock, a game ranking in the top ten of GameRadar’s best games of all time. The combination of the futuristic first person shooter gameplay, the dark and puzzle-like plot, and the immeasurable details make Bioshock a gamer’s work of art. It’s no surprise then that the third game in the franchise, Bioshock Infinite, is expected to Incinerate! expectations of fans and draw in new gamers to the series. Though Irrational Games did decide to push back the release date multiple times, finally settling with March 26th, 2013, much to the dismay of the fans, it was only to improve the game in order to surpass anticipations—which it surely has. In GamerRadar’s “100 Most Anticipated Games of 2013,” Bioshock Infinite came in at a surprisingly unshocking #1.

Though the game has left the dripping and splicer-infested walls of Rapture, the new game play and environment have all but lived up to its predecessor. Bioshock Infinite takes place in Columbia, a 1900s-era steam punk town that hovers in the sky via hot air balloons. The game play will be through the eyes of Booker DeWitt, an ex-Pinkerton agent who was sent to Columbia to rescue Elizabeth, a tough damsel in distress with the ability to shift time. The game looks to include things that the other games did not, such as a new means of transportation—in Infinite players will no longer be able to solely walk from Point A to Point B, instead they will have to use the Sky-Line, tracks that link the floating zeppelins. Other additions include new types of bad guys, new abilities (like the Insect Swarm-like Murder of Crows attack), and new decision making capabilities that go beyond the simplicity of whether or not to save or harvest a Little Sister.

Bioshock Infinite is still available for preorder, which allows gamers many bonus opportunities and gifts. The preorder includes both a Premium and Song Bird addition, each with goodies such as figurines, key chains, art books and in-game bonuses such as Gear power-ups (similar to Tonics in the original game) and special weapons. One of the coolest preorder bonuses however is the ability to play Bioshock Infinite: Industrial Revolution. The online puzzle game offers you fifty levels that allow you to unlock items and in-game rewards for Bioshock Infinite. For more information on the rewards, visit this page or wherever you like to preorder games from.

The game will be available on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC—with some special added touches to the PC game, and is available for preorder on all three platforms. For more information on Bioshock Infinite you can visit the game’s website or the official Facebook page (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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