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Criss Brothers' Band 'Computer Games' Drops EP

V Donovan

Updated 03/8/2017 6:46pm

Since Glee ended, Darren Criss has been very busy, and he's now got a new project that has a lot of fans very excited.

He and his older brother Chuck have started a band called Computer Games, an ode to their childhood where they played a lot of games. 

Both of them are extremely talented musically, so we're looking forward to big things from the bros. We all know that Darren can write wonderful songs and has an amazing voice, but people may not be as familiar with Chuck's history, which includes a band he was previously in called Freelance Whales or the fact that he also wrote and sang some songs for Team StarKid's old web-series Little White Lie.

Less than a week after Computer Games announced their existence to the world, they dropped their four-track EP. It's called Lost Boys Life.

There are technically only three songs ("Lost Boys Life", "Every Single Night" and "We Like It"), and the fourth is a voice memo recording of the title track.

These three songs are very fun. Whether you played computer games growing up or not, everyone can appreciate the fun, 80's vibe from these songs. These songs will get you dancing.

My favourite song from the three is "Every Single Night", their single, so to speak. Watch the cute little lyric video they have here:

The brothers said this band has been long time coming and the EP is for testing the waters in terms of music style and fan response. I don't know about you, but I think this is a great direction they're heading in and I can't wait for a full album!

What do you think of Darren and Chuck's new band and their EP? You can hear the songs on YouTube, on Spotify, or on iTunes.


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