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GIRL Recap: On All Fours

Caitlin Swift
Staff Writer

It’s all starting to unravel in the Girls world.

Read on to see what went down!

The episode opens with Adam and Natalia consummating their relationship. Natalia calls all the shots which is really out of character for Adam. I think we all remember what a freak he was between the sheets. But like a good boy looking to make this relationship work he does what he is told and realizes that he like how forward and clear she is.

Hannah is still being plagued by the number 8 and is anxiously awaiting a meeting with her publisher. He’s blunt and to the point and what it comes down to was her work sucks. Since she is writing about her sexual exploits he urges her to make it up if her love life is less than active at the current moment. Hannah sits there defeated and I really do feel bad for her.

Meanwhile Shoshanna is going above and beyond the call of duty to throw Ray off her doorman-macking ways. He’s a smart man and senses something is up but instead of coming clean, she insists that he help Marnie lay down some tracks in Garage Band. Now that Marnie has decided to live her dream, she is hell bent on making it a reality. Later Shosh can only bring herself to admitting to holding the doorman’s hand. Ray thinks that is just the cutest thing ever that a simple hand hold would wrack his little flower’s guilt so much.

Back at Hannah’s, we find her back at work on her e-novel. Sliding across the wood floor she of course gets a splinter on her ass, common knowledge you don’t slide across wood floors in your underwear. She tends to her wound and in the process decides that she needs to clear her head by way of her ears. Mix that with her OCD flare up and you have a recipe for disaster. In the most awkward and cringe worthy scene of the season, Hannah manages to lodge a Q-tip deep into her ear. It still turns my stomach just thinking of it.  Not knowing what to do she puts a call into her parents and they urge her to go to the hospital.

Hannah seeks solace from her ER doctor but he is less than helpful. She is in full breakdown mode, but in the process realizes that she is stressed and overwhelmed with life. Hannah’s self-awareness is probably one of her most valuable and endearing traits. After pleading with the doctor to clean the other ear out, he sends her home with her bloody Q-tip as a memento.

Adam and Natalia are making strides, he is her date to a friend’s engagement party. So far in the episode we have seen a lighter and more ‘normal’ Adam. When he is amongst Natalia’s friends we are reminded of just how awkward he is. Stepping outside, he is greeted by a pant-less Hannah (I’m pretty sure she’s allergic to Pants FYI). They have brief exchange and both of them part looking like sad puppies. Adam returns to the bar and orders a Jack and Ginger… Then shit hits the fan.

Also having relationship, or former relationship, issues are Marnie and Charlie. After Marnie invading his office, they had lunch plans which he spaced on. Not to be stood up, Marnie once again stomps on down there and causes a scene. He’s co-workers must think she is a psycho, right? Not yet at least. To make it up to her, he invites her to party at the office to celebrate 20,000 AMUs. She shows up and brings Shosh and Ray who are still squabbling.

Marnie then goes full on psycho by deciding to stop the music and perform her own song. Which in reality is just Kanye West’s Stronger in ballad form. It was pretty painful to watch and Charlie sat there hanging his head in shame. Unable to watch her spiral out of control anymore, he drags her to his office for a stern life lecture but it’s a dark office, why use words when your bodies can do the talking. Yes folks, they have sex.

After several drinks Adam brings Natalia back to his place. His ‘work’ is strewn about and she goes full force girlfriend mode when suggesting ways to brighten the place up. Maybe it was memories of Hannah or maybe it was the booze, but in the next second he is commanding Natalia to get on all fours. She is hesitant but does it. He then demands she crawl to the bedroom where there is some degrading sex that takes place. When it’s all over there is silence. Natalia breaks it by expressing her distaste for what had happened. Adam asks her if she is going to leave, and we’re met with more silence.

The episode closes on Hannah who is back at home sitting in solace in the bathroom. Her ticks start up again and then she goes for the kill on the opposite ear.

Next week is the season finale and I can’t wait to see what happens. Hannah has been alone since Jessa left with no one checking in on her and I’m really starting to think she needs a friend! (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

Instagram: PopWrapped


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