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Inside Source Says Politicians Owe Conway Money

Mary Kiser | PopWrapped Author

Mary Kiser

Staff Writer
05/27/2017 6:22 pm
PopWrapped | Current Events
Inside Source Says Politicians Owe Conway Money | Conway
Media Courtesy of New York Daily News

When I checked my personal account, I got an email from an inside source.

The person, who will be given the name Peyton, read my article "Conway Loves Trump, But Not For His Money," so the person decided to contact me via email. Peyton wanted to update me on the behind the scenes of Kellyanne Conway's financial issues. While I had reported that the Morning Joe hosts outed Conway's dislike for Donald Trump, and while I had reported that she addressed the rumor via Twitter, Peyton assures me that there's much more to the story than meets the eye.

"If you dig down into Newt's $2M campaign debt, you will still see that Newt still owes Kellyanne almost $100k," the source writes.

According to Peyton, Gingrich had hired Conway to be his pollster. However, he still owed her thousands upon thousands of dollars. Why? "A source close to Newt's campaign can tell you that the decision not to pay Kellyanne so that ... the Gingrich's could still fly in private jets," Peyton says.

Even though nothing can be confirmed as of yet, Peyton raises questions that need answers. Not only does Gingrich allegedly owe Conway a massive amount of money, but so does Trump. Peyton explains, "Now go look at a Trump's disclosures and you'll see that he too owes her 6 figures. Conway's original plan was to run the campaign and in the unlikely event she won she'd become the pollster for the WH."

Obviously, Conway's no pollster for Trump. She's "a counselor to the president," which means she'll work closely with Trump by advising him and his administration on "legislative priorities and actions," a CNN article states. Conway would make $180,000 a year, according to an article of RealClearPolitics. She's still making bank, but she'd be making a hell of a lot more as a pollster, a job she was rumored to nab. 

"Generally any given WH will spend $35-$40M per year in polling and the pollster makes 10-15% of the spin. I have no idea how Trump convinced Kellyanne to come with him in the WH," Peyton says.

While I've never been to a press conference in my life, I'd hope one reporter (with the means and prestige) will see this. If any journalist is going to Callista Gingrich's press conference, then here's what needs to be asked. Peyton (myself included) would like to know, "When [Gingrich's] ambassadorship is announced, ask [how] does Callista intend to pay Kellyanne back."

Maybe Gingrich and Trump owe her nothing, but if they do, then why has Conway kept quiet. Conway's making pennies compared to what she could be making, and her supposed fiscal losses just add to the confusion. Hopefully, the messy situation gets cleaned up. Nothing's worse than a messy house, especially a messy White House.


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