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MAJOR Character To Be Killed Off In ABC's Revenge Season Finale!!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/12/2013 7:40 pm
PopWrapped | Spoilers
MAJOR Character To Be Killed Off In ABC's Revenge Season Finale!!

Abbie Bethell

Staff Writer

Revenge season 2 concludes in just over 4 weeks, and already, details about the 2-hour season finale have begun to surface on the internet. In an interview with creator, Mike Kelley, TVLine got exclusive gossip on events that will be unfolding on the May 12th Season 2 finale.

The population in the Hamptons will be reduced by one, and unlike previous characters that have been killed off in the show (think Tyler, Lydia), Kelley said ‘one of our core cast members will not survive the finale’. A picture gallery on the TVLine website shows the characters in contention for the chop, they are: Emily, Nolan, Daniel, Jack, Victoria, Conrad, Charlotte, Ashley and Declan. Mike Kelley didn’t say how the fatality will occur, just that we will know within the two-hour slot, the identity of the unlucky victim.

With Kelley saying ‘it’s certainly a surprise for Emily’, I’m putting my money on either




to be the casualty. Depending on how you read it, a ‘surprise’ for Emily would indicate she’s not directly affected, as I think the more appropriate phrase would be something like ‘Emily is heartbroken’. Additionally, Emily has already had her fair share of heartbreak, I mean the whole show is about her getting justice, for her father who was framed for a crime he didn’t commit and then murdered, also, take in to account the cruel death of ‘best-friend’ Amanda, and I somehow think Emily might escape heartache


time. Therefore I am ruling Jack, Nolan and Charlotte out of the picture, as they are the people that mean the most to her. I don’t even have to say why it won’t be Emily herself, because that would be silly, the show basically


her, also Emily can’t be surprised if she’s the one getting killed, unless Jack or Nolan are really double crossing her and actually turn in to crazy killers – see how silly that sounds!

So I’m sticking with Ashley or Daniel, my reasons; Ashley doesn’t really have much of a storyline at current, she isn’t in a relationship with Daniel anymore and she only really acts as Conrad’s assistant, therefore it would be easy to write her out, yet still maintain the shock factor. Daniel is a bit more of a long shot; however, it would make sense. It seems more


now than ever that there will be reconciliation between him and Emily, plus he’s starting to become more of a ‘Grayson’ which isn’t a good thing. I say, Daniel beginning to lose his innocence puts him in danger to be killed off, because fans of the show will start to take a dislike to him, similar to how his parents are viewed. His death would also have a


impact at the Hamptons, he’s currently CEO of Grayson Global, and I can see the Grayson family being torn apart by his death, Victoria’s beloved son, Conrad trying to regain his spot as CEO and Charlotte wanting to separate herself from the family. Saying this, as much as it would make sense for it to be Daniel, I don’t think Josh Bowman who plays Daniel Grayson, would be ready to leave the show, if given the choice. This takes me back to thinking Ashley is the most likely candidate, however, I wouldn’t rule out it being Declan or Conrad. Surely they wouldn’t go there


with Victoria, would they??

With only four episodes left, who do you predict to be the latest casualty at the Hamptons? Here at PopWrapped we’d like to know!

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