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Marvel's Inhumans: 01x05, Something Inhuman This Way Comes

Amanda Rico | PopWrapped Author

Amanda Rico

10/20/2017 10:20 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Marvel's Inhumans: 01x05, Something Inhuman This Way Comes | Something Inhuman This Way Comes
Media Courtesy of ABC

Last week on “Make Way For ... Medusa,” Attilan’s Queen succeeded in finding Black Bolt after he escaped from Declan’s lab facility. The rest of their family is still scattered on Earth, but Auran is determined to find them. This week on “Something Inhuman This Way Comes,” Black Bolt and Medusa work with Louise to find their family while Auran continues her hunt for them. Meanwhile on Attilan, Maximus moves forward with his plan.

Karnak has an awkward morning after encounter with Jen. Despite his best efforts to kill the mood, she’s still interested. Unfortunately for them, Reno is out for blood. Karnak’s powers of deduction are still a little off and when he misdirects Reno’s bullet it hits Jen.

Meanwhile, with Locus in the trunk, Black Bolt and Medusa are (adorably) catching up while Louise drives. Medusa wants to focus on finding their family, but Black Bolt keeps redirecting the conversation to what happened on Attilan. Medusa admits that it hurt, and she finally reveals what it was like to lose her hair. Black Bolt is upset about what happened to her, but Medusa reassures him that she’s fine and wants him to calm down.

Locus is ordered to lead the way through the jungle, and an incoming call on her comlink from Maximus stops their trek. Medusa answers the comlink and Maximus assures her that Crystal is safe, but neglects to reveal that she is on Earth. Black Bolt starts signing and Medusa conveys the message to Maximus that Black Bolt looks forward to having a few words when he returns home. Despite saying that he looks forward to the family reunion, Maximus clearly doesn’t want to have any words with his brother.

Before Reno has a chance to start tracking Karnak and Jen, some guys he cut a deal with show up. Their leader quickly deduces that Reno killed Ted, so they kill Reno. Moments later, they see Jen’s blood trail and start looking for Karnak and Jen. It seems that everyone is looking for Karnak, because Gorgon is also searching for his cousin.

Back on Attilan, Maximus is searching for the perfect representative from the lower caste to send to Earth to kill the Royal Family. Maximus wants the inevitable confrontation to happen on Earth, but Tibor isn’t too keen on the plan and makes the mistake of speaking out against him.

Jen has more faith in Karnak than he does in himself and she trusts him to remove the bullet. He manages to push the bullet out and thankfully she has a sewing kit, so he doesn’t have to sew her up using leaves as sutures. Just as they decide to head back to camp, they hear someone coming. After making it back to camp, Karnak uses the time to practice some moves. Knowing that he’ll have a better chance on his own, Karnak orders Jen to hide so he can attack them alone. He waits until the sun sets before making a move. Things are going his way for a while, but he winds up being strung from a tree. Thankfully, Gorgon channelled his inner Karnak and he paused before advancing on the camp. He uses his signature stomp to get the upperhand on everyone. He manages to free Karnak and Jen, and the three of them run off.

Declan has Auran’s body, and his DNA analysis reveals that hers has a slight degradation. Just like Auran rose from the dead after Medusa seemingly killed her, Auran rises again. Her power is on full display as she heals herself. Not one to mince words, Auran grabs Declan by the throat and demands to know Black Bolt’s location. She quickly figures out that Black Bolt owes Declan a favor because he helped him escape from prison.

Auran immediately checks in with Maximus and isn’t thrilled when she learns that Maximus is working with Declan and he didn’t use Declan to kill Black Bolt. Maximus silences her questions and orders to continue her mission.

As for the rest of her crew, Mordis and Flora have Sammy as a prisoner. Sammy uses his power to make his escape, but he’s quickly recaptured, and Auran wants him used as leverage.

Lockjaw is healed enough to teleport and Crystal wants him to take her, and Dave to where he took Medusa. However, they land somewhere else on the island.

Crystal opens up about feeling isolated from everyone except for her family. She alludes to Medusa being protective and is a little surprised at how safe she feels around Dave. It probably doesn’t hurt that she could overpower him in a heartbeat. Dave is completely carefree and he convinces her to have a little fun.

Louise is fascinated by Locus’ power and is trying to understand both the mechanics and what that means for Locus if she’s the “royal finder.” Medusa quickly reminds Locus of her place and how terrigenesis revealed her true path. Locus doesn’t really care about that, she wanted to be a healer and that is why she chose to be on Team Maximus. Medusa isn’t really interested in anything Locus has to say, but Louise is all ears. Locus reveals that speaking against the king is what got Medusa’s parents banished. Naturally, Louise has thoughts on this.

Louise doesn’t understand how Medusa could marry the son of the man that banished her parents. Black Bolt responds, but it seems like Medusa isn’t just translating his words. Instead, she’s speaking for both of them when she shares that they both lost their parents at the same time and they bonded over that. Medusa insists they try to do what best, but Locus thinks the system can change.

The only Inhuman willing to go to Earth on Maximus’ behalf is Bronaji’s father. Maximus talks about Inhumans having to earn their freedom and how he sacrificed everything for Attilan. Tibor questions Maximus’ motives and wonders if the revolution happened for the good of Attilan or the good of Maximus. Us too.

Maximus sends Tibor away and talks to his father’s statue. He says that being cursed as a human is what caused everything. That if he had an ability, he could've been king. He feels that he lost his family for the greater good of Attilan.

The Royal Family, minus Crystal, are on a collision course and they finally find each other. After a round of hugs, Gorgon immediately starts flirting with Louise. Jen implores everyone to leave so she can make an anonymous call to the police. Medusa thanks Jen, and Karnak shares a moment with Jen before leaving.

As they start to leave, Locus collapses and they learn she was shot. Before dying, Locus urges Black Bolt to change the caste system and “ the king we deserve.” Black Bolt acknowledges her, and Locus reveals that Crystal’s on the island before dying.

Tibor gets cornered by Maximus’ goons, but instead of attacking him, they want to use him in a plan to take down Maximus.

Final Thoughts

I could go on forever about how adorable Black Bolt and Medusa are, but I won't. Just one comment about them being so in love.

I'm glad Louise questioned how they could be together considering how his parents banished hers. But considering their ages, it makes perfect sense that they bonded over the loss of their parents. Even though we barely saw Locus' character, I think her arc really fleshed out some details. It wasn't just the lower caste that wanted the freedom Maximus promised. The Inhumans with power also wanted freedom over their own choices and to not have their lives be dictated by the power that terrigenesis revealed for them. 

Every week, I love Louise more and more. I feel like she's the voice of the audience. She's not afraid to question anything and she's just so fascinated by everything. I did see a spark with her and Gorgon, but when things are said and done, I need Louise and Declan talking about all of this over drinks. It doesn't need to be romantic, but they're both so fascinated by the Inhumans that only the other could appreciate that.

I'm loving the banter between Gorgon and Karnak. Like most cousins, they annoy each other but they also really care about each other. As much as Gorgon's face lit up when he saw the lovely human Louise, he was thrilled that Karnak told Jen about him.

This episode's title references the first issue of Black Bolt: Something Inhuman This Way Comes, where Black Bolt is wandering the Earth after Maximus seizes the throne? Sound familiar?

Next week's episode, "The Gentleman's Name Is Gorgon," features a showdown between Auran's army and Gorgon and Karnak. Who will prevail?  


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