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Marvel's Inhumans: 01x06, The Gentleman's Name Is Gorgon

Amanda Rico | PopWrapped Author

Amanda Rico

10/27/2017 10:27 pm
PopWrapped | Recaps
Marvel's Inhumans: 01x06, The Gentleman's Name Is Gorgon | The Gentleman's Name Is Gorgon
Media Courtesy of ABC

Last week on “Something Inhuman This Way Comes," Gorgon rescued Karnak and they finally encountered Medusa and Black Bolt. Medusa learned that Crystal is also on Earth, and she warned Maximus that Black Bolt wanted to have a few words with him. This week on “The Gentleman’s Name Is Gorgon,” Crystal manages to send a signal to her family. Also, Karnak and Gorgon encounter Auran’s army and a battle ensues.

Maximus is unraveling

The episode opens with the Royal Family returning to Attilan and cornering Maximus. King Maximus claims he wanted peace and as he’s circled, Medusa mentions that he is the reason for his parents’ deaths. As Black Bolt backs Maximus up against a wall, he suddenly awakens. It was a nightmare.

Audrey and Crystal disagree on Lockjaw’s recovery. Audrey thinks he should rest and Crystal claims she knows her dog. Audrey references an Inhuman registry and when she goes to take Crystal’s picture, Crystal’s response is to light her phone on fire. That’s one way to deal with paparazzi.

Crystal figures out that she can use her powers to send her family a signal so they can find her. Medusa is also desperate to find her and urges Louise to find her the same way she found them. Black Bolt wants Karnak to come up with a plan to best Maximus, but he’s still doubting himself. Gorgon naturally wants to go in guns blazing. Black Bolt does not seem interested in showing his brother any mercy, but Medusa is a little more cautious and asks him if they learned nothing from her parents.

Medusa and Black Bolt are at odds on how to deal with Maximus

Remember how Medusa destroyed Locus’ comlink after talking to Maximus? Well, apparently Louise decided to fix it and Auran makes contact and summons the Royal Family to come to her. Even though Medusa and Black Bolt, clearly disagree with how to “tend to” Maximus, they split up into two groups. Gorgon and Karnak make their way to the lab to save Sammy and Declan while Louise chauffeurs Black Bolt and Medusa around as they search for Crystal.

Maximus gives a pep talk to the miners before sending them to Earth. Bronaji on skeptically as they leave. Tibor has doubts, but Maximus insists that the people love him and will do anything for him and that they will hate Black Bolt. The miners quickly arrive on Earth and meet up with Auran. Meanwhile on Attilan, Maximus’ “allies” are plotting his death.

Black Bolt wants to know why Medusa brought up her parents. She reminds him that he promised her that he would be more understanding than his parents. Medusa agrees that Maximus hurt her and she doesn’t want to let him walk away. She wants to give him a fair trial and have the people decide his fate. Black Bolt worries that she’s trying to protect Maximus, but she assures him that she’s not. Medusa tells Black Bolt that she’s trying to protect him, from himself.

Does Maximus trust Tibor?

As part of his plan, Tibor tells Maximus that the Royal Guard is conspiring against him. Maximus seemingly walks right into the trap and agrees to Tibor’s plan. But, if there is one thing Maximus has learned over the years it is that he has always had to be one step ahead of everyone.

Back on Earth, Auran is talking to her new recruits and while she’s talking strategy, Mordis is lounging and cracking jokes. Declan notices that her hand hasn’t fully healed and tells her that she may not be able to regenerate herself forever.

Maximus forces Bronaji into having a vision and questions him on what he sees. Bronaji hesitantly reveals that he saw Maximus and Tibor together, and that Maximus should trust Tibor. Bronaji is surprised when Maximus says he wants him there when he meets up with Tibor.

Gorgon's logic is flawless

As usual, Karnak doubts himself when he can’t see the flaw. Gorgon astutely points out that no one knows Karnak is “broken,” and they will assume that Karnak is correct. Gorgon kills the power in the lab, signalling to Auran that they’re there. She greets Karnak with a gun but doesn’t shoot him because she thinks that’s what Karnak wants. That gives Karnak the opportunity to enter the lab and he starts taking down Auran’s army one by one. He encounters Mordis who baits him to show his genius. Karnak talks about Mordis’ terrigenesis and how he pleaded for Mordis’ life. Mordis talks about how he didn’t want the gift he was given and as Karnak is trying to reason with him, Gorgon arrives. Karnak uses the distraction to subdue Mordis.

Gorgon frees Sammy and he leaves the lab unscathed. Next on Gorgon’s radar is Auran. The pair fight and while she has some impressive moves, there was a reason he is the head of Black Bolt’s Royal Guard. Gorgon ultimately pins her and as he’s about to stomp on her, she surrenders. Meanwhile, Karnak frees Declan and learns that Maximus was the one that paid for the research facility.

After sending a lightning signal, Crystal and Dave wait. There’s a little awkwardness when she pulls away when he tries to kiss her. But after he praises her powers and calls her a “God of Thunder” he kisses her. She looks like a deer caught in the headlight and kisses him back. Naturally, Medusa interrupts.

The siblings reunite and Medusa makes a comment about Crystal’s new human friend. Crystal is quick to point out that Dave helped her find them. Medusa doesn’t seem too bothered and introduces Louise as her friend.

Karnak and Gorgon are rounding up the prisoners and Mordis awakens. He has no interest in being locked up again, and Gorgon restrains him. The only way for Gorgon to truly subdue Mordis is to use his power, which ultimately brings the building down around them.

Dave brings everyone back to his barn and Louise is in awe of Lockjaw. Before Medusa gets a chance to tell Louise she’s not coming to Attilan with them, the police show up with Audrey. Dave runs out to distract the police while Lockjaw takes the Royal Family to the lab. When the police enter the barn, Louise cleverly paints Audrey as the jealous ex-girlfriend of Dave who locked her in the barn.

Black Bolt finds Mordis’ mask in the rubble and Karnak reveals that Gorgon is gone. They remove his body from the rubble and they surround his body, but unless one of them is able to bring back the dead, Gorgon is dead.

On Attilan, Maximus threatens those rebelling against him and they put down their weapons. Tibor proclaims that Maximus will fail. In response, Maximus slits his throat. He then question Bronaji and demands to know why he lied. Maximus insists he’s trying to achieve something great, and seems a little unhinged. Especially when he dips his fingers in Tibor’s blood and smears it on Bronaji’s face and tells him say, “Long live King Maximus.”

Final Thoughts

I love that even though Karnak doubts himself, none of his family doubt him. Even if he can’t see the flaw and he’s technically powerless, they still believe in him.

I was not ready for Gorgon’s death! I didn’t think he would actually die. I love his spirit, and his snark. I’m hoping that Auran is somehow able to regenerate him even though there are no indications she has that ability. Triton’s body hasn’t been recovered, yet. Is he definitely dead? Or is there a chance that he’s still out there?

Does Maximus blame himself for his parents’ death? We already saw a flashback of his parents dying after Black Bolt shouted, “Why?” Was Maximus involved in any of that?

Now that everyone’s going back to Attilan, I doubtful that we’re going to see Louise again. I was hoping she would question Crystal about her powers and pester Black Bolt with a bunch of questions. 

The title from tonight’s episode is a reference to Fantastic Four #44 The Gentleman’s Name Is Gorgon! Next week, Medusa is concerned that all the loss is tearing them apart. The Royal Family makes their way back to Attilan and encounter Maximus. We’ll have to wait and see if Black Bolt lets his emotions cloud his actions or if he takes Medusa's advice.


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