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Microsoft Backpedals On Recent Changes: New Policies For XBox One!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


06/19/2013 11:22 pm
PopWrapped | Technology
Microsoft Backpedals On Recent Changes: New Policies For XBox One!


Erica Wong-Den

Content Editor

Xbox fans, resurrect. Your console is no longer dead.

Today marked an excellent day for Xbros all over the world as Microsoft has just released a statement concerning their new policies on always online requirements and used games. Met with massive scrutiny and rejection, the original changes to the Xbox experience were, namely, that users would have to connect to the internet every 24 hours in order to continue playing games on the console. Should you not be able to fulfill such a demand—as a callous Microsoft employee so eloquently stated it—you had the option to ‘stick to the 360; that’s an offline console’.

The second hardship was that Microsoft would no longer be supporting the tried and true method of used game sharing. By allowing third-party companies to determine their personal DRM policies for their respective games, it meant that users would encounter instances where they were prevented from trading in, lending out, or even giving away their own copies of a game that they had paid for. According to a recent poll by GamePolitics (a leading soapbox site for gamers) an overwhelming 60% of votes were in negative standing towards the Xbox One.

In a nutshell, one quote read: “The Xbox One is as dead as Sega’s Dreamcast at this point.”

Reading that may have wizened up the Xbox creators, as just today Microsoft announced that none of these proposed changes will be taking place anymore. All a player will need is a one time set up of their new Xbox One and they need never connect to the internet again in order to play their favorite offline games. In addition, there will be no limitation to used games at all. Games are now able to be traded, sold, given away, or kept as freely as always—just like the current set up for the Xbox 360.

Games can also now be purchased directly from Xbox Live on the day of release for added convenience which will also be able to be played offline, and there will be no regional restrictions on games—any game is playable on any Xbox One.

Microsoft has finally listened to the consumer, and has gained very positive feedback because of it. Now that you know the news, will you be changing your mind in this console war?


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