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PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


03/31/2013 5:58 am
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Dean Richards

Staff Writer

At last the day has come! After three months of waiting, we finally had a new Doctor Who episode to watch, and boy was it worth the wait! From snogboxes to mystery leaves to an evil Moffat, the episode had everything we love! So let’s see if we can unravel the mystery a bit while looking back at this wonderful episode!

The episode started out in old fashioned Doctor Who style, with a mysterious monologue of a terrified man, who appeared to not only be very scared, but also rather dead. There goes the first victim of the second part of series 7 already, and we have barely even started yet!

The second victim of the episode is probably us Whovians, as Moffat decided it would be funny to make Amelia Williams the author of the book Clara talks about. Thank you for that Moffat, much appreciated! How will we ever get over the Ponds like this?

In the meantime Clara calls an internet helpline, which appears to be the Doctor in a different timezone, or to be specific, in the year 1207. According to Clara she got the number from a woman in a shop, and the way she says it, we might not have heard the last of it! Is it just fate that she gets the Doctor’s number, or might this mysterious woman be involved somehow?

Either way, the Doctor quickly travels to Clara’s time and finally meets her again. However, while he changes outfits as he believes that monks aren’t cool (nothing beats the good old fez and bowtie!), Clara gets attacked by a spoonhead, and is halfway through being downloaded when the Doctor bursts in. By that time she is already dead (count that as 2 for the episode, 3 for Clara!), but the Doctor manages to download her back into the world of the living.

He then lets Clara recover and in the meantime decides to do a couple of things, including licking a leaf and inventing a quadrocycle, because… well… I’m sure quadrocycles are cool too! He then senses that there is a big danger and invites Clara into his “snogging box”, although Clara thinks “there’s such a thing as being too keen.” Please Clara, can I marry your wonderfully snarky comments?

After that the Doctor casually saves hundreds of lives by making sure that a plane doesn’t crash, and puts up a wonderful show before jumping on a large motorbike (which actually looks very good on him!) They retreat to a nice balcony where they have some coffee, talk a bit, and… well… hack into a sophisticated system. While Clara takes care of that, Miss Kizlet shows off her skills and  lets another spoonhead kill Clara again (that’s the fourth time okay! She’s beating Rory’s record!)

This time the Doctor is too late to save her, but he devises another clever plan, putting a spoonhead version of himself onto a motorbike, and, using his brilliant anti-grav, crashing into Miss Kizlet’s office. Here he manages to “persuade” the people working for the company to save everyone who had been killed, and everything ends up just fine in the end!

But the story isn’t over yet! Clara might be safe, but the evil has not yet been defeated! Instead, the Great Intelligence, the same evil as in the previous episode ‘The Snowmen’ sees this as a victory, as he has fed well and has gained a lot of strength. We definitely haven’t seen the end of him yet!

After a scene with a very sad Miss Kizlet, who, after wiping everyone’s mind ends up being a little, abandoned child in a 50 year old body, we get to the final scene of the episode, where the Doctor uses his usual charms to convince Clara to join him on his travels. Clara cannot be seduced so easily, though, and neither will Moffat write the same thing twice!

Instead, Clara makes me fall in love with her even more than I already had (boy do I hope my girlfriend doesn’t read this…) by replying in her classic snarky way: “Does this work? Is this actually what you do? Do you just crook your finger and people just jump in your snogbox and fly away?” Even better, she refuses to join the Doctor, and instead suggests he asks her again!

As always, the episode ends in confusion, as the Doctor asks Clara about the leaf in her book. She answers, “That wasn’t a leaf. That was page one,” which only raises more questions than answers. It can’t possibly be the leaf she collected during the prequel, as there is no way Moffat would be so cliché! Personally, I’m just going to suggest that it’s one big joke. The leaf probably just refers to Canada, and the entire thing was just a way to make us talk about it some more!

Either way, the BBC has not let us down! We might have been forced to wait for three months, but it was worth every minute of it! And honestly… if the first episode can be this amazing, how great are the next few weeks going to be?

Next week we’ll see Clara going on her first adventure! Same time, same place. Until then!

Instagram: PopWrapped 


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