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Shar Jackson Talks Film, Family, And Cooking: PopWrapped At Sundance

Allison Schonter | PopWrapped Author

Allison Schonter

02/17/2017 6:34 pm
PopWrapped | Celebrities
Shar Jackson Talks Film, Family, And Cooking: PopWrapped At Sundance | Shar Jackson
Media Courtesy of ABC

Best known for playing Niecy Jackson on Moesha, actress Shar Jackson has had a passion for acting since a young age, beginning her acting career at the age of three when she enrolled in the Al Fann Theatrical Ensemble. Her early roles include appearance on Roc, My So Called Life, and Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, and she has since appeared in Moesha, According to Him + Her, and more.

PopWrapped’s Arthur Marroquin caught up with Shar Jackson at Sundance Film Festival to discuss film, family, and her upcoming projects.

PopWrapped: So, Shar, what are you doing here in this blizzard?

Shar Jackson: I mean, well you know it’s Sundance, and being that -- I know people forget that I'm thespian, you know -- because all the tabloid stuff, we forget that I am a thespian. I always have to come out here and mingle and show my face and let all the new and upcoming directors and producers know that I still look fabulous and 12, so they can hire me.

PW: You do, and she is 12, basically. Niecy comeback?

SJ: All day long. All day, every day.

PW: Awesome! So is there anything that you're wanting to check out while you're here at Sundance?

SJ: I mean, there are couple of films that I went to and saw. I'm not gonna say what they were ‘cause that's nobody's business but my own. But I always come for the films. Like I love the screen -- you know, all that -- the new films that are coming out and then just meeting seeing all my friends, seeing who’s walking down the street. Like you bump into the most random people walking down the street.

PW: I walked into you, and I was like heart racing.

SJ: See, that was me last night when I bumped into Keanu Reeves. I was like ‘oh god, okay. It’s Keanu.’

PW: See, I bumped into his luggage at the gifting suite.

SJ: Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh.

PW: But I see that you’ve bumped into this jacket at another gifting suite.

SJ: I did. I mean, that's the beautiful thing. Okay, let me stop lying. You know, I come for the swag, too. Let’s just be honest. They hook your girl up with swag all the time. It's pretty awesome and amazing. And yes, this jacket.

PW: Have you been to IndieLounge before?

SJ: Yes, yes I have. It's been a couple years, but yeah, definitely been here before.

PW: Well I’m excited. We have a bunch of swag out there for you. We have luggage, again, the same Keanu Reeves takes. You know, you can match out with him.

SJ: I knew it was good, because Keanu took it, right?

PW: So, what are you working on now?

SJ: So, okay, so I did a little break from the industry just to kind of focus on my family and getting like get my head back together. You know, you being a huge fan of Moesha, you know we've lost a lot of cast members.

PW: Yes, Lamont, Andell!

SJ: Yes, yes. And that was my best friend on the planet. So after losing her -- this is going to be the fourth year, I had to like regroup -- had to regroup. And like she came to me, and my dream was like ‘all right, that's enough of your regrouping. I need you to go ahead and go back to work’ So that's what I'm doing. So I have two shows that I'm working on, and I’m writing now and directing! So I’m in beast mode!

PW: Beast mode.

SJ: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Not to mention I have a cooking show coming out. Because, you don't know this about me, but I throw down in the kitchen!

PW: What do you cook?

SJ: A little bit of everything. What do you like?

PW: Well, being Mexican, I love me some fajitas!

SJ: I’m Mexican, too. I’m Mexican and Puerto Rican. I got you, I got you. Yeah, some fajitas. Give me your address. I'll ship it to you. So, working on my cooking show, cookbook, a show with my family. I'm all over the place. Writing a book. So there you go. Your girl’s busy.

Check out the full interview below!


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