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Recaps PopWrapped | Recaps

Supernatural: 12×08, LOTUS

Meghan Harvey | PopWrapped Author

Meghan Harvey

12/11/2016 12:25 am
PopWrapped | Recaps
Supernatural: 12×08, LOTUS | LOTUS
Media Courtesy of CW

In the mid-season finale of Supernaural, "LOTUS," Sam, Dean, Cas and Crowley (the Scooby gang) continue their search for Lucifer. As it seems, Lucifer is getting a little more particular about his vessels, narrowing it down to people of fame or power such as CEOs and archbishops (leaving a gruesome trail in his wake).

Meanwhile, Lucifer is making himself at home using the The President of the United States (POTUS = LOTUS) as a vessel. He had somehow suckered the President into saying “yes” in return for guidance and help. Yeah, because that’s going to work…

Though the White House staff noticed some oddities in his behavior, especially his awkward morning prayer, they pretty much shrugged it off. As it turns out, he is the “most popular sitting president in modern history.” He’s also a widower who’s currently sleeping with Kelly, a member of his staff. Lucifer (as LOTUS) is sleeping with a human woman who is looking forward to having kids? We can see where this is going (insert your Rosemary’s Baby joke here).

Meanwhile at the Bunker, the Scooby Gang continues looking for Lucifer when Crowley arrives delivering the news that Lucifer is now LOTUS. Yes, Dean has removed the wardings so Crowley can enter the bunker. “Wait, so Crowley can just come and go as he please?” asks Sam.

Cas reminds them they can’t return Lucifer to the cage while he’s still in the vessel, so Crowley takes off to round up Rowena. He finds her fighting with her latest fiance (who is a bit of a douchebag). Crowley handles it as any good son would, by making the douchebag explode. 

Around the same time, Cas gets the news via Angel Radio that Lucifer has indeed impregnated Kelly. 

Back at the White House, LOTUS tells the Secret Service that two delusional cult members named Sam and Dean are planning to assassinate him. The Secret Service tracks them down, but before they can take them in, Mr. Ketch (the assassin from the British Men of Letters) shows up with Dave Brubeck blasting and a grenade launcher and saves the boys. He then offers to help, something the boys are all too quick to take him up on.

Crowley kidnaps Kelly and brings her to see Sam, Dean, Cas and Rowena. They explain who the LOTUS actually is and that she's carrying the spawn of Lucifer inside her. After a little convincing, which includes having her set a bible on fire simply by putting her hand on it, she agrees to help lure LOTUS to the hotel. Of course he ends up trying to kill her, but Sam uses the “exorcism egg” that he got from Mr. Ketch to trap LOTUS. Rowena is ready at a makeshift alter, and Dean tells her when to cast the spell that sends Lucifer back to the Cage. Go team! 

So we have a happy ending, right?

Well, except for the fact that Kelly takes off still pregnant with Lucifer's spawn, and the Secret Service arrest Sam and Dean for an attempted assassination on the President.

And THAT’s how you end a mid-season finale my friends. See you post-hellatus!


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