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Supernatural's "Clip Show": Recap

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/10/2013 12:14 am

Susan Booth

Staff Writer

After spending eight years saving hundreds of people, you would think that the Winchester brother’s would have every reason in the world to feel good about themselves, right? Well, in this episode of Supernatural, Crowley decides that being a complete prick isn’t enough!

He steps up his game by deciding that he needs to off EVERY single person that the boys have ever saved. Since this is Crowley were talking about, you can’t really expect much less. This a really cool way to set up the season finale by showing us how to cure a demon. As well as really giving Castiel his very own storyline that doesn’t tie him to the brothers so much.

Searching for any information they can about the third and final task, the boys stick their noses into some of the Men Of Letters books. Sam acquires a file labeled “Weird!!”, because that’s not something they would want to look at, right? This leads the boys to the Men Of Letters dungeon and they come across a film from the 1950’s. So our boys and Castiel pop some jiffy pop and watch the film, showing a priest trying to cure demons by way of a new exorcism using his own purified blood, and it just happens to work!

Poor Castiel, he does his best to try and apologize to Dean. But, Dean blows him off and tells Castiel to shove his apology up his ass. Given all that Cas has done, I can’t completely blame Dean for feeling the way he does. The man’s feelings are hurt! The boys go out, while Dean takes a moment to put Castiel in the corner by telling him he can’t go. Our still wounded angel decided to go out shopping. Seriously, since when do angels need to shop? What’s next, is Cas gonna pull a bank account out of his ass?

He goes to what looks like a Quick Stop, and begins his shopping adventure for toilet paper, booze, Busty Asian Beauties porno magazines and PIE!!! The trip ends badly for Cas as he becomes more than upset, tearing the store apart and threatening the cashier because he couldn’t get any pie! Somebody has been spending WAY too much time around Dean.

Instead of finding some random demon to cure, Dean has the oh so smart idea of pulling a humpty dumpty on Abbadon, minus her hands and trying to cure her. This would have been a great idea, had Crowley not decided to call, as a way to torment the boys, leaving Abbadon alone long enough to escape! It was pretty nasty watching her hand climb into her mouth to yank out the bullet stuck in her head.

This episode starts will Tommy Collins from season one episode “Wendigo”, as he and his girlfriend are at a romantic cabin for the weekend. He starts freaking out for no reason and explodes all over his girlfriend. Props to Tommy on the longest gap in T.V show appearances in one series that I’ve ever seen.

Cue call number two from Crowley, who takes a moment to taunt the boys about Tommy’s death, just as he seeks to point out another gruesome death he’s caused, that being Cupcake Jenny from the episode “Shut up, Dr. Phil”.  Our boys go to Jenny’s place, to see the damage Crowley has done. I guess Jenny took her baking a little too seriously, because her whole body came burnt out of the oven. Gotta give Crowley some credit, he does everything with style. He takes a moment to inform the boys that he will kill every person they have ever saved every 12 hours until they surrender, give up the tablet and the trials. Crowley has the inside scoop on all the rescues, thanks to Chuck Shirley. Damn you Chuck!! Since the first two trials have been hell related, Crowley has issued a stay away to all demons, as a way of keeping them from Sam and Dean.

Our boys are pointed in the direction of Sarah Blake, from the episode “Proverance” in season one. You remember, Sam’s first real kiss since his girlfriend Jessica got ganked. Sam and Dean do their best to protect her, only to have Crowley take them from behind and screw them without so much as a kiss and use a witch spell to kill her right in front of them. What a DICK! Her death makes Sam want to give up and give Crowley what he wants, but Dean doesn’t see that as being the best way to go. Our boys have no clue who is next on the list to die.

On Heavens side of everything, Metatron and Castiel are in talks with each other about how crappy Heaven is now with all the fighting and the war. Metatron (or Marvin in front of humans) says that it will make a great story if he gets to be the hero and make the angels work it all out. But alas, he doesn’t plan to do any of the heavy lifting, leaving all of that to Castiel. Marvin needs to get off his ass and do this shit himself, Cas is NOT your bitch boy angel! Apparently, you can close the gates of heaven the same way you close the gates to Hell, with three trials.

Marvin pratictally pushes Cas to do the trials, by letting him know that the first one is to cut out the heart of a nephilim, the offspring of a human and an angel. She’s a nice waitress who flirts with Cas, but later goes supernova and tries to kill Marvin and Cas. She fails, of course, leaving Cas with the first trial to close the gates of Heaven completed.

The season finale is next week, and this looks to be so intense that I find myself incapable of putting it into words. But, it looks like Sam and Dean have decided to cure Crowley! Perhaps this means he was the third and final trial all along and that’s why he wanted to stop it. I don’t know how any of this is gonna play out, but I am MORE than sure that it will be amazing! Until the finale, stay classy!


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