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Teams Usher and Adam Make A Stand On The Voice This Week!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


05/08/2013 10:03 pm
Teams Usher and Adam Make A Stand On The Voice This Week!

Bec Heim


Tarra Matthews


Erika Rivera

Content Editor & Managing Editors

Welcome everyone to the Live Rounds! Two nights of competition followed by an elimination hour on Wednesday. The live playoffs have arrived! It’s go time! Team Adam and Team Usher are up tonight! Who will survive? 


Carson already looks bored or tired.

Bec’s Take: 

TEAM USHER: “Black and Gold”: They go kickboxing! Clearly Michelle Chamuel inspired him last week. Also nice shout out to Usher getting the part of Sugar Ray Leonard. There is a nice working out montage with their diaphgram. Singing and exercising it makes sense. They sound really, really good together. I’m just grooving on it. But oh God Josiah Hawley looks hot and I just want to hug Michelle.

“Stay” sung by Adam Carrington (TEAM ADAM): I really like the two-tone hair for Amber Carrington. She talks about how her family on her dad’s side. She also doesn’t want to go back home to the boutique. I keep getting distracted by Amber’s shiny necklace but her voice is very pretty. There is a lot of emotion in this song. I also liked how the voices tonight are shining. She hits some beautiful glory notes during the song but it’s not memorable. Blake thinks Amber set the bar high and gave product placement. Usher thinks it’s a good thing that America becomes more familiar with her voice. Shakira thinks the performance was beautiful. Adam thinks Amber had him glued and that she was the best version of herself possible. However, it sounded like he was reaching for a compliment.

Oh God Christina Milian is back and her little booth of awkwardness.

“Starlight” sung by Josiah Hawley (TEAM USHER): Josiah is back. He continues to be gorgeous and adorable at the same time. He tells that his Dad is a jazz pianist. Usher thinks the commitment Josiah puts into the work and needs to keep control. I thought these performances were supposed to be stripped down. Oh Josiah that sounds really nice baby. Keep on singing to me like that and play your guitar. I love your voice here. Shakira thinks he rocked and that it was his best performance so far. Adam thinks Josiah did really, really well and gives Usher an impressed shout out for coaching. Blake doesn’t know crap about rock and roll but he really, really likes it. He also offers to become a male model. Usher feels proud of Josiah and also think he did well. God Josiah is pretty and talented.

“Angel” sung by Sarah Simmons: Yay Sarah! I love her some much. She just seems so, so amazingly sweet. She’s also seems like a very sweet and real person. This is dedicated to one of her best friends who died. This is going to make me bawl like a baby. Okay the staging looks beautiful here. But what the hell do they have her wearing? Someone punch the costume department. This is just really gorgeous vocally. I want to get my tissues now. Adam looks like he is about to cry. Blake seems utterly speechless of the performance. Usher was glad that the grit came out at some point with a few little things. Shakira thought she was incredible and there was a lot of emotion. Adam feels so choked up and that the audience was enamored with her. 

Now a shout out to the Today Show with Al Roker! Adam declares his love for Al Roker. Blake is implied to have booze in his Starbucks cup. 

“I Have Nothing” sung by Cathia: Apparently Usher is the coach handing out the songs tonight. Usher shows her to waltz to get her to sing. It’s a good performance. But…um…I don’t know. I’m personally not digging it right now. OH! And then she goes to the big notes and suddenly I’m a lot more interested. It’s still not good. Shakira thought it was great but the song choice was wrong. Blake thought it was good. They forget Adam and go to Usher. Usher says that it was a make or break moment for Cathia. He felt like they needed a bit more work but she did a good job.

Christina Milian makes me feel so awkward.

Adam and Usher’s performance may be so sexy that it’s going to make me pregnant. THEY’RE SINGING SUPERSITION?! OHMYGOD YOU BOTH WATCHED GLEE DIDN’T YOU?!?! But oh my God this is so utterly sexy. But ohmyGod this is just hot. They topped Glee for me. Because it’s rock and funky at the same time and just really good. Plus it’s Adam Levine and Usher singing. Shut up let a girl fangirl! That said I wished Adam and Usher moved more and if their mikes were louder.

“The A-Team” sung by Caroline Glaser: Caroline continues to be super adorable as well. Adam admires her. He also wants her to sing something a bit darker than usual. I like her outfit here. But she also makes the song her own. I’m just so utterly charmed by her. Plus I love the song too. She has a voice that I just really, really love. Blake enjoyed the song and loved how in her element she was in. Adam wants to know if Starbucks pays Blake. Usher thought it was soothing and a great song for her with great control. Shakira thinks Caroline’s dimples are adorable. Adam tells her that a powerhouse vocalist captures attention and she embraced her voice.

“Against All Odds” sung by Vedo: Vedo has never heard of Phil Collins. Usher wants to see if he stays still when he sings. However, Vedo is having some pitch issues. He’s doing an okay job. But there are some off things I can hear here. Plus I think Darren Criss did it better. However, Vedo has definitely improved and when he hits that glory note it’s definitely something amazing to behold. Shakira thought that they audience loved him. Adam and Vedo do some thick Italian mobster accents. He doesn’t like that Vedo is not on his team. Usher was definitely pleased with Vedo’s performance.

I’m not talking about the awkwardness anymore guys. Seriously.

TEAM ADAM: “Shake It Out”: Adam takes them to meet his stylist and his family’s store. He talks about common threads with Team Adam. It looks like they need a cohesive look. Dude these girls sound good together. They should just start their own girl group. However, glee did it better. Plus I think there are issues with the sound.

“True Colors” sung by Michelle Chamuel: Michelle calls Usher the best coach being just super adorable. Usher gave her “True Colors” to get herself to open up. Usher wants her to feel comfortable and for the world to see her as herself. This is just amazing and gorgeous. Michelle I love you so much. It’s quiet and just…lovely. I need a tissue. It’s definitely the most intimate performance of the night. GO MICHELLE!!!! Shakira thought that it was beautiful and thinks Michelle is authentic. Adam thinks this was Michelle’s breakout moment. Blake tells his team to take notes because that is what he wants tomorrow. He thinks it worked in a big way. Usher can only say “yay”. Michelle is so Usher’s favorite. I think their friendship is adorable.

“Feeling Good” sung by Judith Hill: It’s going to be hard to top Michelle’s amazingly emotional performance. Adam wants to showcase her range. She needs to get her vocal nodule rehabilitated. Judith’s biggest competition is Sasha right now. Hello? Sarah Simmons is freaking amazing. Ugh. I roll my eyes. Nina Simone did it best. However, Judtih’s version is…nice as well. She has amazing training. I just don’t like the presentation of the song. It’s all about the long notes with this song. Blake calls her a diva. Usher is wishing Judith was on his team and that she took them to Church. Adam tells her she looks beautiful and that she has a natural performing talent.

Tarra’s Take: 

Team Usher: Usher is the most unique/all over preparedness coach. I think he’s doing them a big favour. Their group number is staged AMAZINGLY, flashy but nothing CRAZY and focus on VOICES - that went together flawlessly if I may add.

Amber Carrington: Why are you singing one of the most OVERPLAYED songs…WOWZERS that’s a look. But her voice came through clear and soft and not loud and scream-y. It was nice.

Josiah Hawley: STILL one of my favourites and singing MUSE, I think I’m in an awesome reality right now. I think the first couple notes were a bit off and it’s a good thing that Usher had them doing that endurance training! It was good but it fell off around the edges.

Sara Simmons: Not to be mean, because the song and the emotion is all beautiful but it’s ANOTHER totally OVERUSED song! And if she could take a step back from the mic that would be GREAT - and less static-y. Thankfully her phrasing and inflections make her version unique. And Adam ALMOST cried - I can tell buddy.

Cathia: Usher you sly dog, your unique techniques are going to get your artists far I think. We also need to talk about Cathia’s dress, mostly, where can I get one?? Her whole performance was AMAZING. She’s definitely staying around. 

Caroline: Ed Sheeran for Caroline is a great choice for her voice and style. The execution brings the word ‘indulgent’ to mind…it wasn’t bad in anyway, it just was soft and I believe Usher used the word ‘soothing’

Vedo: EXCUSE ME WHILE I TRY NOT TO KILL VEDO FOR NOT KNOWING PHIL COLLINS *angry shaking* But DUDE for not knowing the song he sure embraced it well and ran with it. Dare I say that this was the first time I actually really liked his performance and saw him as more than just a sing-y/dance-y guy.

Team Adam: Adam’s family has a store? Adam got grounded?? Adam is making his girls sing FLORENCE?? So many questions… Two things I noticed right away were that 1) This song ate Sara for breakfast when she had to sing solo & 2) Caroline had weird phrasing the whole song. Judith and Amber killed it though, and the staging for the number was pretty epic.

Michelle: ARE THERE NO ‘ORIGINAL’ EMOTIONAL SONGS LEFT IN THIS WORLD??? I mean I LOVE ‘True Colours’ and Michelle is making me cry but it seems to be one of GO TO ‘omg I’m having an emotional moment please everyone let’s all cry together over emotions’ song. Michelle absolutely KILLED it though, like, tears streaming down my face, shivers ALL OVER my body. If this girl doesn’t make it to the end, *I* will set myself on fire!

Judith: thanks Adam for creating a supreme battle royale for us (not that we DIDN’T know it was Judith vs. Sasha but you spelled it out quite plainly). Okay you know how I called that other performance indulgent? I take that back, THIS performance has Adam Levine’s Ego draped ALL OVER IT. And Judith resembles Robin Roberts from GMA so much tonight (but in like a weird Egyptian princess way). Blake no worries, the whole performance just irritated me, I understand that feel.

Erika’s Take:


Team Usher: Group:  ”Black and Gold” Usher trains his team for their live performance by taking them to a kickboxing gym and making them sing and workout at the same time. I totally get where he’s coming from with that as they are less likely to sound out of breath when performing. The group performance was pretty solid, with Michelle and Josiah as the standout for me vocally, although there was something odd going with Michelle’s mic at times. Cathia sounded decent and Vedo too.

Team Adam: Amber Carrington takes on “Stay” by Rihanna. I don’t particularly care for the song as it is played on the radio but she blew me away  with her performance of it. Rihanna can’t sing it like Amber does, which is why this gilr is going to download it! So beautifully done and very haunting! Just raw emotion behind every note. Well done!

Team Usher: Josiah Hawley is the first one up! The jury is still out for me with this guy as I still think he’s too pretty. He is to sing “Starlight” by Muse. Please don’t mess this up as I happen to love love love Muse. Oh he sounds bad! Damn….he’s trying too hard. Very shaky vocal wise. This song is definitely exposing him. Usher doesn’t look too thrilled but gives him an standing ovation. It wasn’t worthy of it, i think. Adam wasn’t that impressed  and was able to find the flaws that I saw. Thanks, buddy. I need Shakira to keep it real with her critiques. Stop being so nice.

Team Adam: Sarah Simmons is now up! She will be singing “Angel” by Sarah Mclachan….I’m already getting chills because this song makes me cry for the most part. Sarah, please don’t let me down. Sarah channels the haunting tones of this song perfectly. I’ve got goosebumps. She looks ethereal as well. i’m just in awe of this girl now. The judges are captivated by her right now I think she has put everyone in a trance in a good way. Aww, she made Adam cry. Just flawless. It’s going to be hard to follow that up.

Team Usher: Cathia is next to represent Usher. She is given “I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston. I might cry because she is too rough for this song vocally. It’s not smooth at all. She keeps growing and adding grit where it doesn’t need it. And then she hit an awkward high note. What was that? Just no no no! Make it stop! Shakira calls out her flaws while Blake tries to be nice about it. Sorry Usher! You picked a bad song for your girl and set her up for failure!

And we are treated to an Usher/Adam performance…just AMAZEBALLS as they duet to “Superstition” by Stevie Wonder. I’m in love! That was a lot of sexy in one performance! *fans self*

Team Adam: Caroline Glaser is up for Adam’s Angels. He picks “A-Team” by Ed Sheeran for her to sing. I think she is going to crush it as long as she finds her big moment in the song. I think that song will play to her strengths. Her smooth, unique connects well with this song. She captures the essence of the song.  Adam chose well for her! No powerhouse vocals needed as she nails it with her beautiful voice. I think  the judges appreciate and like that about her because she is so different! Adam compliments her on being true to herself.

Team Usher: Vedo is Usher’s next choice to perform. I hope he doesn’t cry. Kinda over his crybaby ways. Usher gives him the Phil Collins song “Against All Odds”. I don’t think anyone will ever be able to top Darren’s version on Glee. Just saying. Vedo did his best but I couldn’t get behind it. Phil and Darren should be the only one to sing that. He had some shoddy notes in it for my tastes.  Valiant effort but no dice. At least he didn’t cry!

Team Adam: Group “Shake It Out”: Adam…you rock my socks for picking this song for your angels! You girls are so going to crush it! This song is so perfect for them! So much attitude and fierceness! They embody this song perfectly! I got chills! Sorry girls of Glee, I liked this better!

Team Usher: Michelle, my belle, is up! Michelle takes on “True Colors” by Cyndi Lauper. I just love this song and I think it’s a great choice for Michelle. I think she’s going to crush it. Michelle sings it perfectly. Gives so much emotion off. She really connects with it! I had chills the entire time. I’m so proud of her right now! Michelle gave us our moment of the night. Usher’s practice ploy with the mirror worked so wonderfully for Michelle. Hands down the best of the night for Team Usher! All the judges took notice!

Team Adam: Judith Hill finishes up the night for Adam’s team. She’s going to sing “Feelin’ Good” by Nina Simone. He set the bar high with this choice for her. I hope she doesn’t peak soon. Right off the bat, chills. Damn, she’s good. I just can’t stand it! Ugh…*throws shoe at the TV* Sorry, she’s such a diva and always crushes it. Just effin love her! Nina Simone would be proud of her. Judith is just beyond amazing….she has such a stage presence too!


Blake telling his team that they need to pay attention

Adam’s face during his team’s performance

Blake and Adam trading insults 

Blake pubbing Starbucks repeatedly.

Join us for more as Teams Shakira and Blake go on!


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