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The Carrie Diaries: "A First Time For Everything" Recap

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/03/2013 6:18 am
The Carrie Diaries:

Staff Writer

My heart, you guys! It’s in little pieces at the moment because I really thought Carrie and Sebastian were going to have the time of their lives this episode but things just didn’t work out. Everyone else saw more action than those two, and now I’m even more sad. Okay, I got my pint of ice cream ready. Let’s get started!
The episode picks up with Carrie and Sebastian having another adorable hang out at her house. They’re in the middle of playing Trivial Pursuit when they each drop a bombshell. “I love you” says Sebastian, and what does Carrie reply? Well if the gif above isn’t obvious enough, her answer wasn’t quite the same. “I want to have sex with you,” she admits, followed by a nervous smile.  
Carrie talks it over with Mouse at the Diner, while Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” plays in the background. Carrie’s excuse for not having told Sebastian “I love you” back is that she’s waiting for the perfect moment. Mouse notices West at the Diner and complains about him flirting with her all the time. She’s sure he’s just trying to distract her from pursuing her Harvard dreams and there is absolutely no way she’s going to let that happen.
Back at the Bradshaw residence, both Tom and Dorrit are expecting phone calls from their sweethearts. Deb calls Tom to extend him an invitation to spend the night at her house. She calls it a “night cap” and Tom has no idea what that entails. Luckily, he has his best friend Harlan to provide him with some words of wisdom, “It means you’re getting laid, my friend.” Dorrit for her part, goes back to the record store to hang out with her boyfriend(?) Miller. They talk about music and books and he lends her copies of 1984 and The Tropic of Cancer in an effort to “expand her mind.”
At Interview, Larissa talks to Carrie about Madonna’s album launch party. She tells Carrie to feel free to invite Sebastian. Of course, the next day at school, Carrie tells Sebastian all about it. They make plans to spend the night in the city and she is convinced it will be the perfect evening for both of them. That smile on her face and the goo goo eyes she gives him show just how determined Miss Bradshaw is to lose her v-card to Kydd.
Carrie lies to Tom about going to the party with Mouse instead of Sebastian, while he pretends like he’s not going to be doing anything special that night. Dorrit comes into the kitchen dressed differently and wearing very minimal makeup. Carrie later asks her if she’s doing it for a boy. When Dorrit admits that there is a boy involved, she advices her not to change for anyone. She wants her to make changes for herself and not base it on the likings of a guy. Dorrit doesn’t seem to take the advice to heart, bringing up the fact that she didn’t have her first kiss until very recently, and therefore doesn’t know much more than her when it comes to guys.
Friday night rolls around and Carrie and Sebastian take a train to the city. She’s about to  confess her love for him when they get interrupted and she once again misses her perfect opportunity. When they arrive at the party, Carrie discovers that Sebastian isn’t on the VIP list. He tries to convince her that they should just have fun outside of the VIP area but she’s determined to get him inside and goes looking for Larissa, leaving Sebastian behind. Bennett tells Carrie she needs to find a guy willing to part with his bracelet so Sebastian can use it.  She ends up finding just the guy and luckily for her his boyfriend happens to be the person who runs the VIP area. 
At school, Mouse is holding a club meeting when West comes in and offers to help after everyone refuses to participate in her fundraiser. They start packing boxes of chocolates and she confronts him about trying to mess with her grades by flirting with her. While she repeats that she’s in control and it won’t work, she ends up initiating a kiss. It’s not very clear how far they get but they each lose a few articles of clothing in the process. Mouse once again insists that she will not let him be a distraction and then walks out of the room.
That night, at the Diner, Donna spots Dorrit reading The Tropic of Cancer and she gives her a bit of advice about boys and dating. Donna admits that she changes for every guy she dates and that using her body and dressing differently actually gives her control over them instead of taking it away. I can’t tell if Dorrit is taking her advice seriously but she seems to be paying very close attention. Later that evening, Dorrit shows up at the record store, and returns the book to Miller. She knows he only lend her that specific one to make her want to have sex with him. Miller doesn’t want to take advantage of her vulnerability but assures her that he’s there for her when she thinks no one else is. Dorrit assures him that she’s ready for sex and she wants to do it with him. I smell regret all over this decision, and I really, really, really don’t like it.
Back at the party, Sebastian is finally able to join Carrie in the VIP area. They’re just starting to enjoy their time together when Bennett asks Carrie for a favor. He got word that Madonna would be leaving soon and is convinced the party will die soon after. He convinces Carrie to speak to one of the songwriters and get a quote from him by promising her a byline. She apologizes to Sebastian for having to leave him alone one more time. He tells her it’s not a big deal but it’s obvious that he’s not happy with the way the night is going.
Carrie is able to talk to the songwriter and is thrilled by her accomplishment. She tells Sebastian all about it on their way out of the party. While he’s glad things are going well for her, he’s hurt that she made the night about herself when it was supposed to be about them. Carrie complains about him not expressing his feelings at the time and he confronts her about never saying “I love you” back. She’s angry that he doesn’t seem to be happy with who she is and what she wants and suggest they break up instead. 
Back home, Mouse joins Carrie and they talk about the breakup. Carrie’s sad that Sebastian agreed to it and didn’t fight for her but she knows she was the one who suggested it in the first place. She wanted to be in control of the situation and ended up ending the relationship as a result.
Tom, for his part, ends up sleeping with Deb. Later that night, when he gets up to use the bathroom, he runs into her son in the hallway. He’s surprised by his lack of reaction to the encounter and decides to leave. He insinuates that Deb must do this all the time with other men. She gets insulted and kicks him out. The next morning, he bumps into her at the Diner and apologizes for everything. They make up and agree that they’ll continue dating, despite their bumpy first night together.
Mouse shows up for the gardening club at school that morning and West is there to join her. The school principal tells them how happy he is with their work and how he’s planning on writing both of them a college recommendation letter. Mouse realizes that being friends – and perhaps more than just friends – with West might actually not be a bad thing. She agrees to go on a date with him.
That night, Dorrit sneaks Miller into her bedroom. She’s made up her mind to let him be her first. Meanwhile, in her room, Carrie is still having the saddest time ever. The episode ends with her curling up in bed, heartbroken over the end of her relationship with Sebastian.
Next week is the season finale of The Carrie Diaries and I really hope it doesn’t mean the end of the series. I think the show is doing a fantastic job in handling the problems of its teenage protagonists and I’m also enjoying the way they’re weaving Tom’s storyline into it. What did you guys think of this week’s episode? Should The Carrie Diaries have a shot at a second season?

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