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The Vampire Diaries 'Pictures of You' Recap

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


04/20/2013 4:49 am
The Vampire Diaries 'Pictures of You' Recap

Elena Butler

Staff Writer

It was prom in Mystic Falls and all our favorite monsters were running around looking beautiful.  Even the ones that didn’t get to attend the dance looked dashing – Hey Klaus! Hey Elijah!  The cure was finally ingested, there was lots of double takes going on as Silas took the form of some of our favorites, Bonnie was on fire (literally), and we saw some familiar faces make an appearance or two.  Lots happened, let’s get started!

Previously on The Vampire Diaries…
Jeremy died and Elena turned off her humanity, therefore turning into a big time B.  Bonnie was getting all kinds of mind-whammied by Shane/Silas.  Caroline inadvertently killed 12 witches and completed the triangle of doom – no, not that triangle of doom, the other one.  Bonnie’s mind was wiped and she didn’t remember Jeremy dying. Sad.

The episode picks up in a cemetery, Bonnie is finally getting time to grieve Jeremy’s death and brings flowers to his grave.  As she’s speaking to him, we see Jeremy’s ghost telling her to wake up and open her eyes.  Turns out it was all a dream and apparently she started a fire in her house with her mind.  Dreaming about Jeremy is dangerous business!

Elsewhere in town, the Salvatores play catch in their living room, while conspiring to turn Elena’s humanity on.  They want to pull a Lexi and bombard her with feelings in order to get her to flip the switch back on.  If that doesn’t work, they’ll lock her up until they’re able to come up with a Plan C.  As Caroline would say, “just give up already!”

At the Mikaelson mansion, Rebekah tries to convince Elijah that he should give her the cure.  Klaus for his part, wants the cure as well and tries to make a case for it.  Silas is capable of torturing him and having the cure will allow him to turn Silas human and kill him.  Elijah isn’t willing to risk the fate of the world by destroying the veil that separates them from the other side.  He opts to give the cure to Rebekah, but there’s a catch.  Elijah wants her to prove to him that she can live as a human.  For one day, she’s not allowed any vampire privileges.

Later, Caroline is trying on prom dresses with Bonnie, while she tells her about her fiery experience while dreaming about Jeremy. Both girls are going to prom with Matt, because Caroline’s “boyfriend” can’t be there.  Elena and Rebekah are seen getting to the shop as well, they’re BFFs now and even roomies.  Elena volunteers to go with her to prom and keep an eye out to make sure she passes Elijah’s test with flying colors.  She wants the cure gone so no one can use it on her.  They come into the store and Elena compliments Caroline’s dress before she leaves the store with Bonnie.

Next thing we see is Elena departing Rebekah’s home and she’s wearing Caroline’s dress.  Oh, no she didn’t!  Stefan and Damon show up to pick her up.  Damon forces a corsage on her wrist and when he compliments her dress she replies that it’s stolen.  Well, at least she’s honest.
Caroline barges into the Mikaelson mansion because she has a serious crisis in her hands.  Elena has stolen her dress!  That’s obviously way more important than whatever Klaus is dealing with at the moment.  The Original is in no mood for visitors after his little problem with Elijah, however, Caroline is able to make him laugh because, how can he not?  She reminds him that prom is very important to her and wants to look hot, “Princess Grace of Monaco hot.”  She wants Klaus to dig through his old family collection to find her the perfect dress.  The smile on his face is that of pure joy, of course he’s going to do whatever his sweet Caroline wants.  Fairy godmother Klaus to the rescue!
When they arrive at the prom, Elena sees all the pictures of her past life on the screen.  She’s not too happy with what she sees.  I love how the senior class seems to only be comprised of the Mystic Falls gang.  I guess it makes sense, since most of the town is dead.  The senior class must have been the first to go.  Inside, Damon refers to himself as Elena’s boyfriend but she knows it’s all a plan to stir feelings in her.  Elena tells him she only told him she loved him because she was sired to him and it was never real. Ouch!  She runs into Matt and Bonnie and they try to reach out to her as well but Elena tells Bonnie she’s a reminder of all the horrible things that ever happened to her and she also kind of makes fun of Matt for being a busboy at the Grill.  Bonnie leaves the dance to get some fresh air and I’m assuming, to restrain herself from killing her.

When she goes outside, she’s greeted by a dapper-looking Jeremy and he asks her for a dance, just as Rihanna’s “Stay” starts playing.  Back inside, Stefan pulls Elena in for a dance as well.  He tries to evoke feelings in Elena, reminding her how it felt when they they used to dance together – running his hand here and there while I’m fanning myself on my couch.  She insists she feels absolutely nothing.  They’re about to kiss but she refuses to fall for his trap.  Elena is heartless!  She’s one touch cookie.  Rebekah tries talking to Matt and she asks him if he thinks she would make a good human.  He tells her he’s never seen her do anything good so the answer is “no.”  Yikes!

Caroline arrives at the prom looking absolutely stunning, Elena implies that she was actually doing her a favor by stealing her dress because it suits her better anyway.  Caroline is about to lose it but Stefan steps in and intervenes.  He asks Caroline to dance.  While they’re dancing, he reminds her that she has Klaus “wrapped around her finger.”  However, Caroline thinks that if that were true then Tyler would there with her.  Stefan admits there’s a part of him that can’t shake Elena off.  She tells him one day, he’ll fall madly in love with someone else and will move on without even realizing it.  Um, writers, are you trying to tell us something here?
Rebekah, for her part, asks April if she could make her prom queen.  April informs her that it’s all based on votes and she has none, Elena threatens to kill her unless she makes Rebekah prom queen.  Well, that’s one way of campaigning for a friend.  Rebekah isn’t too happy with Elena’s behavior but she reminds Rebekah that she’s not a good person and has no chance of winning otherwise.
Meanwhile, Bonnie is enjoying a super-close dance with Jeremy in the woods, when he asks if she wants him to be real.  He wants her to do the spell to bring him back to her and she realizes that it’s Silas.  He tells her she needs him to control her power or she’ll end up killing herself or someone she cares about.  Bonnie insists that she doesn’t want Silas near her and she won’t break the veil to the other side, even if that means never seeing Jeremy again.
At the Mikaelson mansion, Elijah gives Klaus the white oak stake – Rebekah won’t need it after she’s human.  He tells Klaus he’s spent his life running and can always outrun Silas.  Klaus reminds him that without the cure he can still go after Katherine.  Elijah asks for an opportunity to be with her and know happiness.  Klaus says he’s already given him that chance before and he turned against him.  He warns that if Silas comes after him, he will find Katherine and kill her.
Back at the dance, Rebekah asks Matt to dance with her but he refuses.  She pleads with him a few more times until he finally gives in.  She knows being human and being good won’t be easy but she’ll keep trying.  She tells Matt that he’s everything she wants to be, and compliments him for being beautifully human.  Awwww!

Caroline complains to Damon about how awful prom is turning out to be. She leaves instead, with plans of only going to the after party, which is taking place in Matt’s new mansion.  Soon after, Bonnie tells Damon and Stefan about Silas.  Elena overhears and is worried that people she once cared about will come back to life.  She knows they’ll stop at nothing to turn her humanity on.  April announces prom king and queen: Bonnie and Matt.  Rebekah is disappointed and Elena thinks up a solution to their Silas problem.  He can’t do the spell without Bonnie, so she’ll just have to kill her.  Rebekah warns Matt about Elena’s intentions to hurt Bonnie.  After the coronation, Elena tries to kill her but her effort is useless against Bonnie’s dark magic.  After she leaves, Elena takes a chunk out of April’s neck in retaliation for not following her orders to make Rebekah prom queen.  Matt is trying to help April when Rebekah shows up and he asks her to feed her, her blood. She refuses at first, thinking Elijah won’t give her the cure if she uses her vampire powers, but eventually does the right thing.
Back at the prom, Damon and Stefan talk about Stefan’s feelings for Elena.  Damon knows he isn’t ready to move on.  He tells Damon that his relationship with Elena was real and not a one-night stand like what he had with her.  Damon attacks him but Stefan stakes him in the stomach.  We soon figure out that it’s really Silas and he reveals he played the same trick on Stefan out in the woods.  He warns him to stay away from Bonnie and then leaves.

Silas, still wearing Jeremy’s body, tries to persuade Bonnie once again.  He tells her, her magic is getting out of control and she screams at him to get out of her head.  When he disappears, Elena shows up and bites her neck.  But Bonnie’s blood makes her sick and then she begins breaking Elena’s bones.  The Salvatores show up to help. Stefan convinces Bonnie to stop and then he vervains Elena.  They take her back to the Salvatore home and lock her up in the cellar.  I guess they’re going with a Plan C, after all.
Matt thanks Rebekah for saving April’s life.  He promises not to tell anyone that she used her blood to heal her.  When Matt leaves with April, Klaus shows up.  He tells her that being human means being powerless to do anything.  We find out quickly enough that Klaus had Silas take the form of Rebekah in order to trick Elijah into giving him the cure.  By the time the real Rebekah gets in touch with Elijah, he’s already given the cure to Silas.

Tyler shows up to surprise Caroline and they’re enjoying their last moments together, dancing, when he tells her he has to go.  Caroline thanks him for giving her the best prom ever.  When he leaves, he runs into Klaus outside.  Klaus knows the night was important to Caroline, and he gives Tyler enough time to get away.  Once again, he spares his life for Caroline’s sake.  He decides to return home where some startling news is waiting for him.  Katherine left him a note, warning him about a witch in New Orleans who is planning a move against him.  She’s hoping that focusing on this new threat will make him care less about hunting her down.
In the closing moments of the episode we find out that Silas has taken the cure and gone back to being human.  However, Quetsiyah put a spell on the cure to make him look despicable.  Silas doesn’t want to live, if it means looking like a monster.  He asks Bonnie to kill him and although she wants him dead, she’s not sure about letting every supernatural being come back from the other side.  We get a tiny glimpse of Silas’ deformed face before the title card appears.

YIKES!  The cure has been taken and it wasn’t by someone from the Mystic Falls gang.  Now, would Elena have turned into an ugly monster, if she had taken the cure instead?  You guys think the Salvatores would still have been fighting over her, or are they shallow?  Can we now wave goodbye to all of Silas’ shapeshifting?  Are you excited about the Originals backdoor pilot airing next week? I am!  Tell us what you thought of this week’s episode.


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