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Music PopWrapped | Music

Vince Grant's Personal New Album 'My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me'

Ryan Donnelly | PopWrapped Author

Ryan Donnelly

04/19/2016 12:29 pm
PopWrapped | Music
Vince Grant's Personal New Album 'My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me' | Vince Grant
Media Courtesy of Vince Grant Music

From Los Angeles, or Chicago, depending on where he happens to be living today, comes the very talented, the very honest, and the emotionally driven Vince Grant. With his newest EP release titled My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me, Grant intends on meeting his audience with the intention of wearing his heart on his sleeve, and with an album name as stark as that, don’t expect for Vince Grant to pull any emotional punches.

Opening with the very catchy and single-worthy track "Melancholia", Vince Grant attempts, and successfully I might add, to connect with the listener on a very personal note. The song is more of a diary entry than anything else; a snapshot of the inside of Grants own heart. The guitar and vocals are similar to something you might hear from the legendary Matthew Good, and although the structure of the song itself doesn’t bend the alternative/rock genre in any new way, it doesn’t have to. A great song to open with, and if you enjoy this track, it is safe to say you are going to enjoy the rest.

"Oceans II" is the current song being promoted, and much like the rest of the album, it brings in a raw energy to go along with the emotional and painfully honest lyrics. It is safe to say that for many this album might strike a nerve a little too close to home, or too far away from it. Songs like "Oceans II" will not hit the middle of the road listeners, the ones that just kind of exist daily, but for the ones that want to feel some real emotional depth from an artist that fights for hope on a regular basis, this is not a song you will want to pass up.

"How Many Times You" is a track that sounds like nothing else on the album. This song employs an electric guitar and some U2 style effects, but there is a familiar thread of honesty and purity, and of course darkness, that runs throughout the track.

My Depression Is Always Trying to Kill Me is an EP filled with great music, deep musings, and of course the one thing that matters most, hope. For many this is going to become a soundtrack to their lives, for others it might be too tough a pill to swallow, but this EP is a gem of an album, and it would be a true waste to pass it up.



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