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Walking Dead is BACK TONIGHT And We Have Spoilers!

PopWrapped | PopWrapped Author


02/10/2013 7:13 pm
Walking Dead is BACK TONIGHT And We Have Spoilers!

Deanne Cooper

Staff Writer

For those of you, like me, who have been waiting not so patiently for The Walking Dead to start back, our wait is almost over! And thanks to our friends at E Online, we’ve got a few spoilery teasers to get your zombie juices flowing. So grab your crossbow and get ready for some action!!

First up, apparently there is a big split coming that we won’t be expecting. Of course, my mind immediately goes to the Governor and Andrea, but I totally expect that to happen. So then who does that leave? Are we talking about Maggie and Glenn? Or possibly Daryl and Carol?? I know they aren’t necessarily a couple, but you know you’ve been rooting for them to get together just like I have!

Next, apparently the new visitors are going to be the source of more than a little drama, when there is one among the group who doesn’t necessarily want to play by the rules. Newsflash, new kids…Dictator Rick doesn’t take kindly to folks that don’t mind. The last one that crossed him ended up getting thrown out in the yard for the zombies to play with…just a tidbit of helpful information for you.

Also, our Governor is going to be having a crisis of sorts, as he tries to figure out how to deal with Woodbury having been invaded and where to go from here. Will part of his crisis be trying to decide what to do about Andrea now that her original group has come back into the picture? It will be interesting to see if old loyalty or Andrea’s apparent attraction to men in power wins out this go around. If she decides to go against him, she may be the next one in the zombie death match ring.

Tune in to AMC TONIGHT Sunday, February 10th, at 9/8C to see what happens when the Rick and the Governor go head to head! (COMING SOON!) (COMING SOON!)

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